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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including Antiques, Vintage, Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Designer, Rugs, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tractor, Equipment, Yard and Garden Items and Much Much More!!




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 Over 4000 items to be auctioned in ONE day.

Just a START – Keep Checking Back!


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Below items for an upcoming auction in August


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IMG_5779 power

— B E A U T I F U L  —

11 Piece Queen Anne Banded Dining Room Set

45"x 68" Double Pedestal Table has (3) 20" Leaves – opens to 128"

and 8 Chairs by "Councill" Furniture

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $2000-$4000




img_4275 power

img_4286 power  img_4279 power   img_4287 power

img_4276 power  img_4280 power  img_4281 power

img_4283 power img_4277 power img_4278 power

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img_4290 power   img_4285 power


Absolutely Beautiful Burl Nice Size Mahogany Baby Grand Piano with Bench by "Maeari"

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $2000-$5000




IMG_8081 power IMG_8082 power IMG_8085 power

IMG_8084 power IMG_8083 power

— ONE of the BEST —

Fantastic Burl Mahogany and Satinwood Cylinder Roll Secretary with Bookcase Top

in the Rosewood Banding and Inlay #155 of 165 Ever Made with paperwork & plaque

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $1000-$3000




img_3828 05-21-17   img_3829 05-21-17

img_3828 copy 05-21-17 img_3830 05-21-17  img_3828 copy 2 05-21-17

— F A N T A S T I C —

French Empire Style Glass Top Coffee Table with Full Body Lion and Decorated with Egyptian Applied Bronzes

approximately 20"h x 55"w x 37 1/2"d

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_3941 upcoming        IMG_3940 upcoming       IMG_3942 upcoming

IMG_3960 upcoming IMG_3952 upcoming IMG_3959 upcoming

IMG_3954 upcoming IMG_3955 upcoming IMG_3963 upcoming

IMG_3958 upcoming IMG_3943 upcoming  IMG_3956 upcoming

IMG_3950 upcoming IMG_3951 upcoming IMG_3947 upcoming

IMG_3944 upcoming

— G O R G E O U S  —

Prestigious GAZO Zodiac Wall Hanging Regulator Clock in the Carved Alder Wood Case, Engraved Face-Weights-Pendulum, Carved Winged Angel Head and Figures

approximately 76"h x 27 1/2" w

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $2000-$4000




IMG_3966 upcoming    IMG_3964 upcoming     IMG_3974 upcoming

IMG_3985 upcoming  IMG_3977 upcoming IMG_3970 upcoming  IMG_3971 upcoming

IMG_3967 upcoming IMG_3984 upcoming IMG_3972 upcoming

IMG_3982 copy upcoming IMG_3982 upcoming IMG_3975 upcoming IMG_3988 upcoming

IMG_3979 upcoming IMG_3980 upcoming IMG_3978 upcoming

— B E A U T I F U L  —

Prestigious GAZO Hanging Wall Clock with Porcelain Face, Engraved Pendulum & Weights in the Carved Oak Case

approximately 88"h x 24"w

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $2000-$4000




IMG_3998 upcoming                IMG_3997 upcoming

IMG_4001 upcoming    IMG_3999 upcoming    IMG_4003 upcoming

IMG_4008 upcoming   IMG_4009 upcoming  IMG_4006 upcoming

IMG_4010 upcoming    IMG_4005 upcoming    IMG_4011 upcoming

IMG_4016 upcoming IMG_4004 upcoming IMG_4007 upcoming

Gazo Californian Style Porcelain and Brass Face Grandfather Clock in the Oak Highly Ornate and Carved with Northwind and Figures Case

approximately 79"h x 14"d x 20"w

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $2000-$4000




IMG_4018 upcoming           IMG_4017 upcoming

IMG_4024 upcoming IMG_4021 upcoming IMG_4028 upcoming IMG_4021 copy upcoming

IMG_4022 upcoming      IMG_4021 copy 2 upcoming       IMG_4027 upcoming

IMG_4026 upcoming        IMG_4021 copy 3 upcoming

—  E L E G A N T —

"Herschede" 9 Tube Grandfather Clock in the Mahogany Case

approximately 80"h x 21 1/2"w x 13 1/2"d

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $1000 – $2000




IMG_4029 upcoming IMG_4030 upcoming

IMG_4032 upcoming    IMG_4031 upcoming    IMG_4036 upcoming

IMG_4033 copy 2 upcoming    IMG_4033 upcoming    IMG_4033 copy upcoming

IMG_4034 upcoming IMG_4035 upcoming

IMG_4037 upcoming

Highly Carved and Ornate Oak Mantle Clock with Urgos Works

approximately 25 1/2"h x 16"w x 9 1/2"d

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




img_4259 power   img_4256 power img_4256 copy 2 power     img_4257 power     img_4257 copy power

img_4256 copy power img_4259 copy power img_4259 copy 2 powerimg_4258 power img_4260 power

img_4261 power    img_4259 copy 3 power


Elaborate Hand Carved & Hand Painted 3 Piece French Style Salon Set

Maybe Offered Separate – Located Inside – Auction Estimate $700-$1500




img_4299 power      img_4295 power img_4293 power img_4296 power img_4298 power


Crystal and Prism Tea Drop Shape Chandelier

approximately 6'h x4'w

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $500-$1500




img_4302 power

img_4304 power   img_4303 power

Beautiful Bronze and Crystal 18 Arm Chandelier

approximately 3'w x 2 1/2'h




IMG_5224 power     IMG_5225 power

14k Yellow Gold and Diamond Ladies Ring with approximately 53 Point Total Weight and Appraisal

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $600-$1000




IMG_6040 power  IMG_6039 power  IMG_6042 power

18k Yellow Gold with White Diamond, Ruby and Saphires by Bellarri Ring in Case

Located Glassware – Auction Estimte $400-$800




IMG_5074 power

 img_5056 06-04-17    img_5055 06-04-17

IMG_5073 power

img_5056 copy 06-04-17 IMG_5077 power

IMG_5219 power

IMG_5223 power

96 Piece 'Chapel Bells' Pattern Alvin Sterling Flatware Set in the Wooden Case

& Sterling Gravy Ladle 'Chapel Bells' Pattern by Alvin

Ladle Maybe Offered Separate – Located Showcase – Auction Estimate $1500-$2500




IMG_5226 power       IMG_5229 power

IMG_5227 power

49 Piece Sterling 'Grand Colonial' Pattern

'Wallace Sterling' Flatware Set in Wooden Case

approximately 52 troy ounces

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $1000-$2000




img_9558 07-02-17

img_9561 copy 07-02-17 img_9561 07-02-17 img_9561 copy 2 07-02-17

16 Piece 'Tiffany & Co", New York Sterling Flatware Set

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $150-$400




IMG_5068 power

Sterling with Mother of Pearl Handle Serving Spoon and Fork

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_5058 power IMG_5060 power

IMG_5060 copy power

Sterling Gravy Ladle

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $30-$50




IMG_5069 power

Sterling Gravy Ladle

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $30-$50




IMG_5066 power

IMG_5065 power

Sterling Shell Style Serving Tongs

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $30-$50




IMG_5071 power

Sterling Hors d'oeuvre Serving Fork

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $20-$40




img_5165 06-04-17 img_5166 06-04-17

Selection of Sterling Sugar Spoons

Auction Estimate $20-60 each




img_7503 07-02-17   img_7504 07-02-17

Collection of WWII German Belt Buckles marked R.Z.M. M34/2

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $200-$600




img_7505 07-02-17

Selection of WWII German Hat Visor Badges

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $40-$200




img_7506 07-02-17

German Cast Iron Marker

approximately 7" height

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $50-$100




img_7507 07-02-17

Military Medals and Viking Button

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $20-$50




img_7508 07-02-17

War Ration Books with Leather Keeper

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $20-$100




img_7509 07-02-17

img_7510 07-02-17 img_7512 07-02-17

German Military Officers Hat

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $30-$100




img_7514 07-02-17

German WWII Shooting Lanyard

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $50-$200




img_7515 07-02-17

img_7516 07-02-17    img_7517 07-02-17

img_7518 07-02-17

WWII German Dagger with Sheath – Deutschland

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




img_7524 07-02-17

img_7520 07-02-17 img_7519 07-02-17

German Dagger and Sheath

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $100-$600




img_7522 07-02-17 img_7523 07-02-17

German Dagger and Sheath

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $100-$600




img_7525 07-02-17

img_7527 07-02-17  img_7526 07-02-17

WWII Fist Bayonet U.S. L.F & Co. 1917

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $100-$600




img_7528 07-02-17

img_7529 07-02-17 img_7531 07-02-17

WWI Bayonet

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $50-$200




IMG_6027 power

IMG_6029 power IMG_6030 power

89 Piece Noritake  "Denise" Pattern Dinnerware Set

Located in Glassware – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_6033 power

IMG_6034 power IMG_6035 power

65 Piece "Furstenberg" Dinnerware

Located Glassware – Auction Estimate $100-$300




img_7677 07-02-17 img_7679 07-02-17 img_7680 07-02-17 img_7678 07-02-17


 Flight Simulator of US without Disk

Rumored was Set Prop in the GI Joe Movie

Located Inside  – Auction Estimate $1000-$3000


 Keep Checking Back – To be Updated!


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