26 Repaupo Station Road, Logan Township, NJ 08085     Ph: 856.467.4834
Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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Sunday – October 4th

" I n – P e r s o n "

Outside Auction

Auction starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday, October 3rd from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

South Jersey Auction, 26 Repaupo Station Road, Logan Township, NJ 08085

(856) 467-4834

smiley  Wear your mask and meet me in the field for a FANTASTIC auction smiley


Just a start!

(nifty trick click the picture to enlarge)

IMG_5406 auctionIMG_5407 auction IMG_5408 auction IMG_5410 auction IMG_5412 auction IMG_5414 auction IMG_5415 auction IMG_5416 auction IMG_5416 copy auction IMG_5417 auction IMG_5419 auction IMG_5420 auction IMG_5421 auction IMG_5422 auction IMG_5423 auction IMG_5424 auction IMG_5425 auction IMG_5425 copy auction IMG_5426 auction IMG_5427 auction IMG_5428 auction IMG_5429 auction IMG_5430 auction IMG_5432 auction IMG_6991 auction IMG_6992 auction IMG_6993 auction IMG_6995 auction IMG_6996 auction IMG_6997 auction IMG_7001 auction IMG_7002 auction IMG_7003 auction IMG_7004 auction IMG_7005 auction IMG_7006 auction IMG_7007 auction IMG_7008 auction IMG_7009 auction IMG_7010 auction IMG_7011 auction IMG_7012 auction IMG_7013 auction IMG_7014 auction IMG_7015 auction IMG_7017 auction IMG_7018 auction IMG_7019 auction IMG_7020 auction IMG_7021 auction IMG_7022 auction IMG_7024 auction IMG_7025 auction IMG_7026 auction IMG_7027 auction IMG_7028 auction IMG_7029 auction IMG_7030 auction IMG_7031 auction IMG_7032 auction IMG_7033 auction IMG_7034 auction IMG_7035 auction IMG_7036 auction IMG_7038 auction IMG_7039 auction IMG_7040 auction IMG_7041 auction IMG_7042 auction IMG_7043 auction IMG_7044 auction IMG_7045 auction IMG_7046 auction IMG_7047 auction IMG_7048 auction IMG_7049 auction IMG_7050 auction IMG_7051 auction IMG_7052 auction IMG_7053 auction IMG_7054 auction IMG_7055 auction IMG_7056 auction IMG_7057 auction IMG_7058 auction IMG_7059 auction IMG_7060 auction IMG_7061 auction IMG_7062 auction IMG_7063 auction IMG_7064 auction IMG_7065 auction IMG_7066 auction IMG_7067 auction IMG_7068 auction IMG_7069 auction IMG_7070 auction IMG_7071 auction IMG_7072 auction IMG_7073 auction IMG_7074A auction IMG_7074B auction IMG_7075 auction IMG_7076 auction IMG_7077 auction IMG_7078 auction IMG_7079 auction IMG_7080 auction IMG_7081 auction IMG_7082 auction IMG_7083 auction IMG_7084 auction IMG_7085 auction IMG_7086 auction IMG_7087 auction IMG_7088 auction IMG_7089 auction IMG_7090 auction IMG_7091 auction IMG_7092 auction IMG_7093 auction IMG_7094 auction IMG_7095 auction IMG_7096 auction IMG_7097 auction IMG_7098 auction IMG_7099 auction IMG_7100 auction IMG_7101 auction IMG_7102 auction IMG_7103 auction IMG_7104 auction IMG_7105 auction IMG_7106 auction IMG_7107 auction IMG_7108 auction IMG_7109 auction IMG_7110 auction IMG_7111 auction IMG_7112 auction IMG_7113 auction IMG_7114 auction IMG_7115 auction IMG_7116 auction IMG_7117 auction IMG_7118 auction IMG_7119 auction IMG_7120 auction IMG_7121 auction IMG_7122 auction IMG_7123 auction IMG_7124 auction IMG_7125 auction IMG_7126 auction IMG_7127 auction IMG_7128 auction IMG_7129 auction IMG_7130 auction IMG_7131 auction IMG_7132 auction IMG_7133 auction IMG_7135 auction IMG_7136 auction IMG_7137 auction


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