26 Repaupo Station Road, Logan Township, NJ 08085     Ph: 856.467.4834
Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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April 18th – Sunday

" In Person "  Outside Only Live Public Auction

Auction starts: 9:00 am  (doors open 8:30am)

Preview: Saturday, April 10th from 9-12 pm

South Jersey Auction, 26 Repaupo Station Road, Logan Township, NJ 08085

(856) 467-4834


smiley  Wear your mask and meet me in the field for a FANTASTIC auction smiley

Furniture, Tools, Lawn and Garden, Glassware, Kitchenware, Collectibles,

Dock, Field, Tent & more!

50+ Estates to be auctioned in ONE day!


Walk thru VIDEO of the Dock | Field | Tent for April 18th


  Sneak Peak  – Week One – Come back for Updates 


IMG_8945 auction IMG_8946 auction IMG_8947 auction IMG_8948 auction IMG_8949 auction IMG_8950 auction IMG_8951 auction IMG_8952 auction IMG_8953 auction IMG_8954 auction IMG_8955 auction IMG_8956 auction IMG_8957 auction IMG_8958 auction IMG_8959 auction IMG_8960 auction IMG_8962 auction IMG_8963 auction IMG_8964 auction IMG_8965 auction IMG_8966 auction IMG_8967 auction IMG_8968 auction IMG_8969 auction IMG_8970 auction IMG_8971 auction IMG_8972 auction IMG_8974 auction IMG_8975 auction IMG_8976 auction IMG_8977 auction IMG_8978 auction IMG_8979 auction IMG_8980 auction IMG_8983 auction IMG_8984 auction IMG_8985 auction IMG_8986 auction IMG_8987 auction IMG_8988 auction IMG_8989 auction IMG_8990 auction IMG_8991 auction IMG_8992 auction IMG_8993 auction IMG_8994 auction IMG_8995 auction IMG_8996 auction IMG_8997 auction IMG_8998 auction IMG_8999 auction IMG_9000 auction IMG_9001 auction IMG_9002 auction IMG_9003 auction IMG_9004 auction IMG_9005 auction IMG_9006 auction IMG_9007 auction IMG_9009 auction IMG_9010 auction IMG_9011 auction IMG_9012 auction IMG_9013 auction IMG_9014 auction IMG_9072 auction IMG_9073 auction IMG_9075 auction IMG_9076 auction IMG_9334 auction IMG_9335 auction IMG_9336 auction IMG_9338 auction IMG_9339 auction IMG_9340 auction IMG_9341 auction IMG_9342 auction IMG_9343 auction IMG_9344 auction IMG_9345 auction IMG_9346 auction IMG_9347 auction IMG_9348 auction IMG_9349 auction IMG_9350 auction IMG_9351 auction IMG_9352 auction IMG_9353 auction IMG_9354 auction IMG_9355 auction IMG_9356 auction IMG_9357 auction IMG_9358 auction IMG_9359 auction IMG_9360 auction IMG_9361 auction IMG_9362 auction IMG_9364 auction IMG_9365 auction jIMG_8938 auction jIMG_8939 auction jIMG_8940 auction jIMG_8941 auction jIMG_8942 auction jIMG_8943 auction jIMG_8944 auction IMG_9077 auction IMG_9078 auction IMG_9079 auction IMG_9080 auction IMG_9081 auction IMG_9082 auction IMG_9083 auction IMG_9084 auction IMG_9085 auction IMG_9086 auction IMG_9087 auction IMG_9093 auction IMG_9094 auction IMG_9095 auction IMG_9096 auction IMG_9097 auction IMG_9098 auction IMG_9099 auction IMG_9100 auction IMG_9376 auction IMG_9377 auction IMG_9366 auction IMG_9015 auction IMG_9016 auction IMG_9017 auction IMG_9018 auction IMG_9019 auction IMG_9020 auction IMG_9021 auction IMG_9022 auction IMG_9023 auction IMG_9024 auction IMG_9025 auction IMG_9026 auction IMG_9027 auction IMG_9028 auction IMG_9029 auction IMG_9030 auction IMG_9031 auction IMG_9032 auction IMG_9033 auction IMG_9034 auction IMG_9035 auction IMG_9036 auction IMG_9037 auction IMG_9038 auction IMG_9039 auction IMG_9040 auction IMG_9041 auction IMG_9042 auction IMG_9044 auction IMG_9045 auction IMG_9046 auction IMG_9047 auction IMG_9048 auction IMG_9049 auction IMG_9050 auction IMG_9051 auction IMG_9053 auction IMG_9054 auction IMG_9055 auction IMG_9056 auction IMG_9057 auction IMG_9058 auction IMG_9059 auction IMG_9060 auction IMG_9061 auction IMG_9062 auction IMG_9063 auction IMG_9064 auction IMG_9065 auction IMG_9066 auction IMG_9067 auction IMG_9069 auction IMG_9070 auction IMG_9071 auction IMG_9089 auction IMG_9090 auction IMG_9091 auction IMG_9092 auction IMG_9101 auction IMG_9102 auction IMG_9103 auction IMG_9104 auction IMG_9106 auction IMG_9106 copy auction IMG_9107 auction IMG_9108 auction IMG_9109 auction IMG_9110 auction IMG_9111 auction IMG_9113 auction IMG_9114 auction IMG_9116 auction IMG_9117 auction IMG_9118 auction IMG_9119 auction IMG_9120 auction IMG_9121 auction IMG_9122 auction IMG_9123 auction IMG_9124 auction IMG_9125 auction IMG_9126 auction IMG_9127 auction IMG_9128 auction IMG_9129 auction IMG_9130 auction IMG_9367 auction IMG_9368 auction IMG_9369 auction IMG_9370 auction IMG_9371 auction IMG_9372 auction IMG_9373 auction IMG_9374 auction IMG_9375 auction

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