26 Repaupo Station Road, Logan Township, NJ 08085     Ph: 856.467.4834
Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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*** Daylight Savings Time Change ***

(set clocks back 1 hour)


Sunday – November 1st

" I n – P e r s o n "

Outside Live Auction

Auction starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday, October 31st from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm

Furniture Tools Glassware Kitchenware Collectibles Dock Field Tent MORE

50+ Estates to be auctioned in ONE day!

South Jersey Auction

26 Repaupo Station Road

Logan Township, NJ 08085

(856) 467-4834

smiley  Wear your mask and meet me in the field for a FANTASTIC auction smiley

(nifty trick click the picture to enlarge)

Just a start!


ba IMG_8274 auction ba IMG_8278 auction

bb IMG_8275 auction bb IMG_8276 auction

bb IMG_8277 auction



a IMG_8279 auction



IMG_8289 auction IMG_8290 auction



IMG_8288 auction



IMG_8543 auction   IMG_8542 auction



IMG_8544 auction IMG_8545 auction



IMG_8271 copy auction



IMG_8272 auction IMG_8273a auction



IMG_8273b auction



IMG_8280 auction IMG_8281 auction



  IMG_8282 auction IMG_8283 auction



IMG_8284 auction IMG_8285 auction



IMG_8286 auction



IMG_8287 auction



IMG_8271 copy 2 auction


IMG_8271 copy 3 auction

IMG_9197 copy auction IMG_9198 auction IMG_9199 auction IMG_9200 auction IMG_9201 auction IMG_9203 auction IMG_9204 auction IMG_9205 auction IMG_9206 auction IMG_9207 auction IMG_9208 auction IMG_9209 auction IMG_9210 auction IMG_9211 auction IMG_9212 auction IMG_9213 auction IMG_9214 auction IMG_9215 auction IMG_9216 auction IMG_9217 auction IMG_9218 auction IMG_9219 auction IMG_9220 auction IMG_9221 auction

Will be getting updated pictures of the field, tent, dock soon.

Just a start – Keep checking back!

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