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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including Antiques, Vintage, Designer and Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Rugs, Military, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tools, Yard, Garden Items and Much Much More!!



Sunday – February 24, 2019

Doors open 8:00 am – Auction starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday 8:30-3:00 pm

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Updated:  Thursday, 02-21-19 at 1:54 p.m.


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IMG_6997 auction

ANTIQUE Walnut French One Drawer Library Desk – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6879 auction IMG_6880 auction

NEW SOLID Mahogany in the Natural Shabby Chic Finish Writing Desk by “Stanley Furniture” – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6797 auction

Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut 4 Drawer Writing Desk by “Bassett Furniture”– auction estimate $200-$400





IMG_6793 auction

SOLID Cherry French Country Style Desk – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6832 auction

NEW Contemporary Natural Finish Iron Leg Desk

[2] one assembled and one in box – auction estimate $100-$300 each




IMG_7091 auction IMG_7092 auction

ANTIQUE Knotty Pine Slant Front Desk – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_7095 auction   IMG_7096 auction

French Style Marble Top Credenza with Elaborate Applied Bronze and Bronze Paw Feet – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6989 auction

Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Server – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6931 auction IMG_6932 auction

NEW Contemporary Mahogany Finish 4 Door Credenza with Touch Me Lights and Tags – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6860 auction

Bookcase Credenza by “Ethan Allen Furniture” – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6891 auction

Pine Multi Drawer Chest – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6902 auction

NEW 8’ Country Farm Dining Room Table – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6754 auction IMG_6755 auction

Highly Carved and  Ornate Asian Inspired Paint Decorated Center Table – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7021 auction  IMG_7022 auction

Selection of ANTIQUE French Marble Top Center Table – auction estimate $200-$400 ea.




IMG_7093 auction

ANTIQUE Oval Marble Top Victorian Parlor Table – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6990 auction

Paint Decorated French Style Center Table – auction estimate $100-$




IMG_6714 auction - Copy IMG_6714 auction

PAIR of Decorator Console Tables with Gallery – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6822b auction    IMG_6822a lifestyle_sobro_lounge auction auction

IMG_6831 auction IMG_6822d auction IMG_6825 auction

IMG_6822c auction IMG_6830 auction IMG_6823 auction

IMG_6829 auction

Sobro Smart Coffee Table – auction estimate $200-$600




IMG_7032 auction   IMG_7033 auction

SOLID Bronze and Marble 3 Piece Living Room Table Set in the French Style – may be offered separate – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_6910 auction

Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Coffee Table – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6936 auction

Mid Century Modern Lucite Glass Top Coffee Table – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6998 auction      IMG_6999 auction

IMG_7001 auction

BEAUTIFUL Mahogany Scallop Parlor Table with Human Leg Feet by “Maitland Smith Furniture” – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_7031 auction

Antique Style Bronze Mounted Marble Top Lamp Table – auction estimate $500-$1000




IMG_6909 auction

Mid Century Modern Round Lamp Table – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6912 auction

Mid Century Modern Octagon Bookshelf Lamp Table – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6935 auction

Industrial Style Metal 1 Drawer Stand – auction estimate $100-$200





IMG_6888 auction

Modern Lucite Serving Cart – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6882 auction

Modern Design Chrome and Glass Serving Cart Bar – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6847 auction IMG_6847 copy auction

ANTIQUE Bronze and Iron Marble Ashtray with Lion and Snake – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6913 auction

Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Magazine Rack and Stool – auction estimate $50-$100 each



IMG_7029 auction

VINTAGE Coin Operated Horse – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_7030 auction

ELABORATE Special Made Trojan Horse with Russian Silver and Jewels – auction estimate $1000-$2000




IMG_7013 auction IMG_7015 auction IMG_7014 auction

3 Piece French Style Highly Carved Parlor Set – may be sold separate – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_6839 auction IMG_6840 auction

NEW Contemporary Grey Upholstered Complete Living Room Set with Decorator Pillows – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_7002 auction IMG_7003 auction

PAIR of Mid Century Modern Design Leather Like Chaise Sofas

by “J.A. Casillas” – auction estimate $300-$600 each




IMG_7005 auction

PAIR of Half Moon Modern Design Armless Loveseats – auction estimate $300-$600 each




IMG_6933 auction

NEW Contemporary Grey Leather 2 Piece Sofa with Circular Chaise – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6924 auction

NEW Contemporary Leather Sofa and Chair – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6934 auction

2 Piece Brown Leather Sofa and Loveseat – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6894 auction

NEW Contemporary Grey Upholstered 2 Piece Sectional Sofa Chaise – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6921 auction

NEW Grey Upholstered 2 Piece Contemporary Sectional Sofa Chaise – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6841 auction

NEW 2 Piece Sectional Sofa Chaise – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6920 auction

NEW Contemporary Grey Upholstered Sofa Chaise with Button Tufted Back Pillows – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_7070 auction

Modern Design Black Leather Sofa with Tubular Legs – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6922 auction

NEW Contemporary Blue Upholstered Sofa with Decorator Pillows – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6925 auction IMG_6926 auction

NEW Contemporary Natural Finish Leather Sleeper Sofa with Decorator Pillows and Tags – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6895 auction

NEW Blue Upholstered Button Tufted Decorator Sofa – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6903 auction

Mid Century Modern Orange Upholstered Sofa – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6923 auction

NEW Contemporary Natural Finish Leather Loveseat – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6834 auction    IMG_6836 auction

IMG_6835 auction     IMG_6835 copy auction

ANTIQUE Lion Head Mahogany Frame Loveseat – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6592 auction

Contemporary Upholstered Button Tufted Decorator Loveseat – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7011 auction

French Provincial Style Upholstered Window Bench – auction estimate $100-$300



IMG_6914 auction

NEW Contemporary Upholstered Loveseat with Pillows – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6876 auction

PAIR of Modern Design Oversized Lounge Chairs –auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_6848 auction

NEW Contemporary Chaise Lounge – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6988 auction

Leather Club Chair – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6849 auction IMG_6850 auction

NEW Shabby Chic Club Chair “Distinctions by Klausner” – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6851 auction IMG_6852 auction

NEW Recliner Lift Chair with Papers and Tags Med-Lift USA – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6927 auction

NEW Contemporary Black Leather Oversized Recliner – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6937 auction

NEW Contemporary Decorator Arm Chair with Paris Upholstery – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6881 auction IMG_6880 auction

White Modern Design Barcelona Style Leather Chair – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6915 auction IMG_6916 auction

Mid Century Modern Leather Wrap Chrome Legs Lounge Chair – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6838 auction

Country French Style Upholstered Chair with Ottoman – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_7113 auction IMG_7112 auction IMG_7114 auction

Mid Century Modern Laminated Rosewood Eames Style Chair and Ottoman by “Doerner Faultless” – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_6795 auction

Mid Century Modern Leather Eames Style Lounge Chair with matching Ottoman – auction estimate $200-$600




IMG_6593 auction

Modern Design Eames Style Lounge Chair and Ottoman – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6870 auction IMG_6871 auction

PAIR of SOLID Mahogany Antique Style Carved Corner Chairs – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6837 auction

PAIR of NEW Mahogany Frame Arm Chairs – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6843 auction

PAIR of Button Tufted Leather Scroll Arm Mahogany Frame Arm Chairs – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6853 auction

PAIR of French Style Mahogany Frame Arm Chairs – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7016 auction

PAIR of Blue Velour Button Tufted Throne Chairs – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_6886 auction     IMG_6887 auction

Modern Design Leather and Chrome Lounge Chair – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6594 auction

Modern Design Leather Rolled Chrome Base Office Chair – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7018 auction

French Style Arm Chair – auction estimate $100-$200



IMG_6596 auction

Set of 3 Country French Style Distressed Carved Rush Bottom Bar Stools – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_6780 auction

Set of 4 Oak Depression Carved Dining Room Chairs – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6896 auction  IMG_6897 auction

Set of 6 French Style Cane Back and Upholstered Dining Room Chairs – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_7017 auction

Set of 8 VINTAGE Mid Century Modern Dining Room Chairs by “Dixon Powdermaker Furniture Company” auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6591 auction

Upholstered Button Tufted Decorator End of the Bed Bench – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7012 auction

William Marry Style Button Tufted Footstool – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6898 auction

Upholstered French Style Decorator Bench – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_6845 auction IMG_6844 auction IMG_6846 auction

PAIR of ANTIQUE Asian Hand Carved Wall Sconces – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_6855 auction

One of Several Decorative Mirrors – auction estimate $20-$150




IMG_7038 auction IMG_7039 auction

IMG_7040 auction   IMG_7041 auction IMG_7042 auction

IMG_7047 auction IMG_7046 auction IMG_7047 auction IMG_7048 auction

Large Selection of Artwork including Prints, Paintings, Etchings and more – auction estimate $20-$500




IMG_7049 auction IMG_7051 auction IMG_7050 auction

Large Selection of Bronze and Crystal Chandeliers – auction estimate $100-$400 each




IMG_7004 auction

PAIR of Modern Design Lamps – auction estimate $50-$100




IMG_6757 auction IMG_6761 auction IMG_6758 auction

20 Plus Modern Multi Color Indoor/Outdoor Fun Rugs – auction estimate $20-$100 each




IMG_6816 auction IMG_6817 auction IMG_6818 auction IMG_6819 auction IMG_6820 auction IMG_6821 auction

Truck Loads of NEW Sofa’s, Chairs, Loveseats, Bathroom Vanity’s, Sectionals, High and Low Chest, and much more – will be unwrapping and photo soon


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