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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including Antiques, Vintage, Designer and Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Rugs, Military, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tools, Yard and Garden Items and Much Much More!!


Sunday – May 20, 2018

Doors Open 8:00 am – Auction Starts 8:30 am

Preview Saturday Prior 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

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Updated:  Saturday, 05-19-18 at 2:24 p.m.


 Over 4000 items to be auctioned in ONE day.


Huge Selection of Nice Clean Merchandise – Ready to Set in Your Home or Shop!

IMG_4606 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4607 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4608 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Depression 10 Piece Walnut Carved Dining Room Set

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_4218 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4216 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4217 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4219 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4221 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4220 SouthJerseyAuction.com

6 Piece Mid Century Walnut and Oak “Brutus” Style Bedroom Set by “Lane Furniture”

Will be offered separate

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $1000-$2000




IMG_4106 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4107 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4108 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4105 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4104 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4109 SouthJerseyAuction.com      IMG_4109 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

5 Piece SOLID Cherry Contemporary Queen Bedroom Set by “Kimball Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $500-$1200





IMG_3716 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3724 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3725 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3719 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3720 SouthJerseyAuction.com

    IMG_3717 SouthJerseyAuction.com     IMG_3721 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3718 SouthJerseyAuction.com

5 Piece Burl Walnut Contemporary Full-Size Canopy Bedroom Set by “Fairmont Designs”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_3972 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_3970 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_3971 SouthJerseyAuction.com

4 Piece Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Bedroom set Will be Offered Separate

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400 Night Stands

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400 each High and Low Chest




IMG_3673 SouthJerseyAuction.com  IMG_3670 SouthJerseyAuction.com  IMG_3669 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3674 SouthJerseyAuction.com     IMG_3671 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_3672 SouthJerseyAuction.com

4 Piece Mahogany King Size Carved Pineapple Poster Bedroom Set by “Global Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_4223 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4225 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4226 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4224 SouthJerseyAuction.com

4 Piece Mahogany High Chest, Low Chest and 2 Night Stands by “Kittinger Buffalo Furniture”

Will be Offered Separate

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $500-$1000




IMG_3769 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3770 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3769 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Highly Carved and Ornate Asian Style Twin Size Bed with Rails

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600





IMG_4028 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_4027 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Mahogany Queen Size Full Canopy Bed by “Baker Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_4308 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Mahogany High Poster King Size Bed by “Lexington Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_3699 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3700 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mahogany King Size Poster Bed by “Pulaski Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_4361 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Antique Style Rustic SOLID Mahogany Queen Bed with Rails and Slats

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400





IMG_3705 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Pine Queen Size Poster Bed

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4231 SouthJerseyAuction.com

King Size Mahogany Sleigh Bed and Contemporary Marble Top Dresser with Mirror

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $200-$600




IMG_3646 SouthJerseyAuction.com      IMG_3645 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3647 SouthJerseyAuction.com     IMG_3648 SouthJerseyAuction.com

2 Piece Factory Painted White Desk with Bookcase Top – Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$200

Factory Painted White Childs Bookshelf – Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$200

Factory Painted White French Style 2 Door Armoire with Fitted Interior – Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4371 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4372 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4373 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4374 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4375 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LARGE Selection of Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Furniture

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$500 each




IMG_3685 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3684 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3686 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Cherry Bracket Foot High Chest and Low Chest by “Authentic Reproductions by Craftique Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400 each




IMG_3644 SouthJerseyAuction.com

2 Piece Contemporary Oak Shell Carved Queen Anne High Boy

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3976 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_3977 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mission Oak 2 Door Chifforobe with Fitted Interior

Located Inside- Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3975 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Depression Walnut 2 Door Chifforobe with Fitted Interior

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300





IMG_3616 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Burl Mahogany French Style Gentlemen Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3608 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mahogany Carved French Style Gentlemen Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300





IMG_4376 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE French 5 Drawer Burl Mahogany Chest with Applied Bronze and Banded Top

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4307 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Walnut Victorian Dresser with Carved Wood Handles

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3613 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3614 SouthJerseyAuction.com

NICE Contemporary 2 Piece Cherry Dresser with Tri Fold Mirror

with Built in Jewelry Chest in Mirror and Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3980 SouthJerseyAuction.com

BEAUTIFUL Depression Walnut 2 Tone Chest with Mirror

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3973 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mid Century Modern Danish Walnut Double Dresser

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400





IMG_3617 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3618 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Mahogany Bracket Foot 4 Drawer Low Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3667 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Burl Walnut and Mahogany Banded 2 Over 2 Bachelor's Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_4232 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4233 SouthJerseyAuction.com

VERY NICE SOLID Asian Hardwood Multi Drawer Table Top Chest with Brass Inlay and Corners

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4191 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4192 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4194 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4193 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Cherry Finish 3 Drawer Bachelor Chest by “Lea Furniture”

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $20-$70




IMG_4351 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Tiger Strip Maple Queen Anne 4 Drawer Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4352 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Cherry 4 Drawer Bracket Foot Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3772 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3773 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3774 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Mahogany 3 Drawer Lowboy by “Statton Furniture Private Collection”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4087 SouthJerseyAuction.com

3 Drawer Burl Yule Wood Bracket Foot Chest by “Baker Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_4085 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4086 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of Mahogany Banded Bracket Foot Night Stands by “Drexel Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3607 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of French Style Mahogany One Drawer Nightstands with Applied Bronze

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3621 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of Mahogany 2 Drawer French Style Night Stands

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3862 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3860 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Carved Walnut Lift Top Box with Insert

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4057 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4058 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Dovetailed Sawer's Box with Brass Accent Corners and Original Hardware

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3969 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mid Century Modern Walnut Cedar Chest with Drawer

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3929 SouthJerseyAuction.com

All Cedar Cedar Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $75-$150





IMG_3968 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Trunk Form 3 Tier Leather Wrap Chest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4377 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_4378 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Oak Victrola

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3781 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3782 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3783 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Oak Victor Table Top Victrola by “Victor Talking Machine Company”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3931 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3932 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3933 SouthJerseyAuction.com

VINTAGE Mahogany Case Record Player by “Uneeda”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300





IMG_4056 SouthJerseyAuction.com


Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400



IMG_6630 IMG_6631

LARGE Selection of Carpets and Rugs in Many Sizes, Machine and Man Made

Located Inside – Auction Estimte $50-$750




IMG_3898 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3900 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3899 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_3901 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3902 SouthJerseyAuction.com

COOL Modern Design 4 Sectional Leather Living Room Sofa with Fold Up Head Rest

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800





IMG_4369 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Contemporary Modern Style in the Manner of Sven 2 Piece Sectional Sofa with Down Cushions

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$900




IMG_3844 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3845 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mid Century Modern Sofa Bed

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_3887 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Contemporary Brown Suede Sofa with Recliners

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300



IMG_4069 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4070 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Cane Back Highly Carved and Ornate with Cherubs Settee

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3601 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3602 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mahogany Frame Carved Upholstered Button Tufted Chaise Lounge

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3858 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3859 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mid Century Modern Loveseat by “

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_3949 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3950 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SET of 4 Medallion Back Barstools

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4029 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4031 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4030 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of SOLID Mahogany Pierced Carved Antique Style Lift Top Chairs

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3597 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3598 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of Custom Upholstered Club Chairs by “Baker Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3864 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3865 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Contemporary Leather Loveseat with Lift Top Storage Ottoman

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$500




IMG_3599 SouthJerseyAuction.com

2 Piece Contemporary Upholstered Club Chair and Ottoman

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3855 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3856 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Contemporary Brown Leather Club Chair Recliner

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3600 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Modern Design Upholstered Club Chair

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3712 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of Country French Carved Blue Upholstered Arm Chairs

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$300




IMG_3713 SouthJerseyAuction.com

PAIR of Mahogany Frame Upholstered Fireside Chairs

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$300



IMG_3833 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3834 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mahogany Highly Carved and Red Upholstered High Back Chair with Carved Griffin Heads

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3835 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Mahogany Frame Button Tufted Upholstered Arm Chair

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3930 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE SOLID Mahogany Carved Rocker

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$100




IMG_4036 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4037 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Childs Windsor Comb Back Chair by “Duckloe Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3714 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Maple Brace Back Arm Chair

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3708 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3715 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3696 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Selection of Oak Small Benches by “Kittinger Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$100




IMG_4379 SouthJerseyAuction.com

SOLID Mahogany Carved Fireplace Mantle

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4505 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4506 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LARGE Selection of ANTIQUE Handmade Persian, Oriental and Others Rugs

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $25-$1000




IMG_3099 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3100 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Early 20th Century Highly Carved French Mirror

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_3790 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3790 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

LARGE Gold Gilt Decorator Mirror

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3002 SouthJerseyAuction.com   IMG_3003 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Signed Oil on Canvas Signed Durr  

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4098 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Selection of Leaded Glass Windows

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4114 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4115 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4115 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Limited Edition Sculpture Artwork Under Glass in a Beautiful Frame Setting Number 18 out of 95 Ever Made by Anthony Quinn Title Bella Donna with Certificate of Authenticity and Appraisal

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $1000-$3000



IMG_4137 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4136 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4138 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4140 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4139 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4135 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4134 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4133 SouthJerseyAuction.com

A Whole Collections of Duck and Stamp Prints Some with Certificates and Apraisals

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $40-$150



IMG_4207 SouthJerseyAuction.com

19th Century Religous Painting

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_4253 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4254 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LARGE Signed Picture of San Francisco with Golden Gate Bridge 50/950

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4256 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4257 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Oil on Canvas of Marilyn Monroe Signed 31/199

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$100



IMG_4261 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4262 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4263 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4265 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4266 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_4264 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Selection of Wallace Nuttings and Others

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $________




IMG_4286 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4288 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4287 SouthJerseyAuction.com

3 of Several Franklin Mint Silver Ships Under Frame

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$100




IMG_4084 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Decorative Planter with Elephants by “Maitland Smith Furniture”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3742 SouthJerseyAuction.com      IMG_3745 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3744 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LIKE NEW Stainless Steel Sub-Zero Refrigerator

approximately 37" width

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$600




IMG_3729 SouthJerseyAuction.com     IMG_3734 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_3733 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3736 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LIKE NEW Stainless-Steel Double Oven by “Wolf”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$600




IMG_3739 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3741 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Flat Top Stove Insert for Island by “Bosch”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3746 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3748 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3747 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LIKE NEW Stainless-Steel Dishwasher by “KitchenAid”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$200




IMG_3749 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3754 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3753 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_3750 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LIKE NEW Electric Maytag Neptune Dryer

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3755 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3757 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3756 SouthJerseyAuction.com

LIKE NEW Whirlpool Duet Steam Front Load Washer

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_3663 SouthJerseyAuction.com

VINTAGE Baby Carriage

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $20-$100





IMG_3875 SouthJerseyAuction.com

VINTAGE Floor Model Television

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $




IMG_3882 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Contemporary Oak Tall Case Grandfather Clock by “Sligh Furniture”

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $50-$150




IMG_4062 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_4062 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Oak Regulator Clock with Original Glass Window of Hairhouse and Burchell, Watchmakers and Jewelers Dover, NJ

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $300-$600




IMG_4063 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4063 copy SouthJerseyAuction.com

Selection of ANTIQUE, Wall, Mantle, and Custom Clocks

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $50-$300




IMG_3915 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3917 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3918 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_3919 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Modern Metal Art Wall Sconce

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $100-$300





IMG_3946 SouthJerseyAuction.com

IMG_3947 SouthJerseyAuction.com     IMG_3948 SouthJerseyAuction.com

FANCY VINTAGE Radio in a Rosewood Case

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4182 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4180 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4181 SouthJerseyAuction.com

ANTIQUE Slag Glass Lamp

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_4267 SouthJerseyAuction.com

One of a Large Assotment of Lamps and Lighting

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $




IMG_4092 SouthJerseyAuction.com   IMG_4093 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4094 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Working Harley Davidson Motorcycle Arcade Game by “Sega”

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $400-$800




IMG_4382 SouthJerseyAuction.com

VINTAGE Coca Cola Soda Machine with Original Paint and Artwork

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $200-$400




IMG_3877 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Large Amount of Bundles of Furniture Packing Quilts

Located Field – Auction Estimate $50-$100 each




IMG_4380 SouthJerseyAuction.com    IMG_4381 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Cabinet Makers Router Bench with Router, Bits and Fence

Located Dock – Auction Estimate $100-$400




walk thru photos of

Inside Furniture section

starts at approximately 12:30 p.m.

IMG_4618 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4619 SouthJerseyAuction.comIMG_4507 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4508 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4509 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4510 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4511 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4512 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4514 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4515 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4516 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4517 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4518 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4519 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4520 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4521 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4522 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4523 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4524 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4525 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4526 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4527 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4528 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4529 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4530 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4531 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4532 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4533 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4534 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4535 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4536 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4537 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4538 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4539 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4540 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4541 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4542 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4543 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4544 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4545 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4547 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4548 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4549 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4550 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4551 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4552 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4554 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4555 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4556 SouthJerseyAuction.com

Inside Furniture

starts at approximately 12:30 p.m.

Inside furniture is stacked and packed with every item you would need in a home from antique, vintage, period, modern, like new and barely used. Favorite woods like flaming mahogany, mahogany, oak & quartersawn oak, cherry, walnut, maple & birdseye maple, pine, cedar and more. All types and sizes of dining room sets, bedroom sets, living room sets, chinas, cabinets, closets, cupboards, secretaries, bookcases, curios, desks, console & mirrors, étagère, credenzas, sideboards, servers, commodes, buffets, demilunes, jackson presses, bars, tables, stands, pedestals, beds, chests, wardrobes, washstands, blanket boxes, pianos, organs, statues and much much more! Approximately 4:00 we offer fine antiques, high quality bedrooms, dining rooms, decorator pieces, a variety of nice clean and rare items that you only see in books.

still want more — click here for walk thru videos



walk thru photos of

DOCK section

starts at approximately 10:30 a.m.

IMG_4557 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4558 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4559 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4560 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4561 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4562 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4563 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4564 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4565 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4566 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4567 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4568 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4569 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4570 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4571 SouthJerseyAuction.com IMG_4591 SouthJerseyAuction.com

DOCK section

starts at approximately 10:30 a.m.

Loaded with original, rough, and painted furniture from antiques, vintage, to modern. Massive amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, victorian, empire, country, french and upholstery. Assortment of dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom sets. An ABUNDANCE of decorator items and accessories !! A variety of miscellaneous merchandise. Watch what turns up !!

still want more — click here for walk thru videos



walk thru photos of

FIELD section

starts at 8:30 a.m.

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walk thru photos of

FIELD section

starts at 8:30 a.m.

Loaded with original, rough, and painted antiques; modern furniture; dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom sets. Selection of out door patio sets, yard ornaments, benches, bird baths, planters, fountains, mowers, tools and much much more. ABUNDANCE of Decorator items and Accessories !! Modern glassware, dinner sets, pots & pans, pyrex, pottery, lamps, toys, all house-ware items. A variety of miscellaneous merchandise. Watch what turns up!

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