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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including GUITARS and Rock-n-roll Memorabilia, Antiques, Vintage, Designer and Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Rugs, Military, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tools, Yard, Garden Items and Much Much More!!


Sunday – October 21, 2018

Doors Open 8:00 am – Auction Starts 8:30 am

Preview Saturday Prior 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

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 Over 4000 items to be auctioned in ONE day.

VERY LARGE 'private' 30 year accumulation to be liquidated for "Chuck Oliver, from Mullica Hill, NJ" of 100+ guitars and also amps, other musical rock n roll memorabilia including: Takamine, Fender, Gibson, Telecaster, Ibanez, Gibson, Schecter, Turser, Epiphone, Les Paul, Cobain, Hair Band, Grebson, Peavey, Tracer, Aria Pro II, Round Back, Batman, Teisco, Dean, Rockwood, Armstrong, Yamaha, Rogue Promo, RARE colors & Collectible and many many more!

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IMG_3915guitar instrument IMG_3916guitar instrument IMG_3920guitar instrument IMG_3917guitar instrument IMG_3918guitar instrument IMG_3919guitar instrument

Lot 101: 1980's Vester hair band style, fender lawsuit style, stage series, rosewood neck, guitar with strap, all original, serial number E732987 , small chip, with hard case (2pc lot) in good condition, Est: $400 – $800


IMG_3921guitar instrument IMG_3922guitar instrument IMG_3924guitar instrument IMG_3926guitar instrument IMG_3925guitar instrument IMG_3923guitar instrument

Lot 102: 1980's Vester lawsuit guitar – rare – made for a short period of time, with maple neck, and strap, s/n 12899, all original, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800


IMG_3928guitar instrument IMG_3930guitar instrument IMG_3931guitar instrument IMG_3933guitar instrument IMG_3934guitar instrument IMG_3936guitar instrument IMG_3937guitar instrument

Lot 103: Dean Vendetta spalted finish guitar in the (greens/black), grover tuners, with strap, year unknown , s/n US07061697 in very good condition, Est: $400 – $800


IMG_3955guitar instrument IMG_3956guitar instrument IMG_3958guitar instrument IMG_3957guitar instrument IMG_3959guitar instrument IMG_3960guitar instrument

Lot 104: 1988 Ibanez RG 550 Floyd Rose trim guitar, made in Japan, assembled in US, thin wizard special neck, s/n 880550 with strap, all original, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800


IMG_3978guitar instrument IMG_3979guitar instrument IMG_3981guitar instrument IMG_3982guitar instrument IMG_3984guitar instrument IMG_3986guitar instrument IMG_3987guitar instrument IMG_3980guitar instrument

Lot 105: 1986 Ibanez model Roadstar II Series the Ultimate Express with original active pickups (tummy tuck) s/n c861367 made in Japan, all original – good condition with some pick scratches with strap, Est: $400 – $800


IMG_3995guitar instrument IMG_4000guitar instrument IMG_3997guitar instrument IMG_3998guitar instrument IMG_3996guitar instrument IMG_3999guitar instrument IMG_4001guitar instrument

Lot 106: 1962 Ibanez model 882 all original slight belt buckle good condition for a '62 with hard case , Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4002guitar instrument IMG_4003guitar instrument IMG_4004guitar instrument IMG_4005guitar instrument IMG_4006guitar instrument IMG_4007guitar instrument

Lot 107: Grebson, Gibson Copy, (no year) , with grover tuners, in fair condition considered a player with strap, Est: $300 – $600









IMG_4008guitar instrument IMG_4009guitar instrument IMG_4010guitar instrument IMG_4011guitar instrument IMG_4012guitar instrument IMG_4014guitar instrument

Lot 108: 1988 Hamer with Purple Burst paint with Ceymour pickups rosewood neck made in Korea s/n 1705126 original good condition with strap, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4015guitar instrument IMG_4016guitar instrument IMG_4017guitar instrument IMG_4018guitar instrument IMG_4019guitar instrument

Lot 109: 1980's Peavey Tracer in the yellow, with batman strap, made in the US, fair condition with some chips and missing back plate s/n 03379067, Est: $300 – $500









IMG_4020guitar instrument IMG_4021guitar instrument IMG_4022guitar instrument IMG_4023guitar instrument IMG_4024guitar instrument

Lot 110: Gem, Gibson Copy guitar, year unknown, with some buckle rash on back but in fair condition considered a player, Est: $300 – $500









IMG_4025guitar instrument IMG_4026guitar instrument IMG_4029guitar instrument IMG_4027guitar instrument IMG_4031guitar instrument IMG_4028guitar instrument

Lot 111: 1980 Peavey Tracer with strap, s/n 03896914 handcrafted in USA (glam hair band guitar) fair condition light scratches on finish, Est: $300 – $600









IMG_4032guitar instrument IMG_4033guitar instrument IMG_4034guitar instrument IMG_4037guitar instrument IMG_4036guitar instrument

Lot 112: 1980 Aria Pro II, lighting bolt style guitar, with strap, active pickups, rosewood fret board, original, Est: $300 – $600









IMG_4038guitar instrument IMG_4039guitar instrument IMG_4040guitar instrument IMG_4042guitar instrument IMG_4041guitar instrument

Lot 114: Batman guitar, year unknown, maker unknown, serial number unknown no strap, Est: $100 – $300









IMG_4043guitar instrument IMG_4045guitar instrument IMG_4048guitar instrument

IMG_4044guitar instrument IMG_4047guitar instrument

Lot 115: 1979 Peavey Patriot guitar, made in the US, with skull strap, s/n 02783930, considered a player with hard shell Peavey case, case key and wrench, Est: $200 – $400









IMG_4050guitar instrument IMG_4051guitar instrument IMG_4052guitar instrument IMG_4053guitar instrument IMG_4054guitar instrument

Lot 116: 1980's Rockwood by Hohner, model LX100G guitar, made in Korea, red color, triple original pickups, (no strap) in fair condition, Est: $300 – $600









IMG_4055guitar instrument IMG_4056guitar instrument IMG_4060guitar instrument IMG_4062guitar instrument IMG_4057guitar instrument IMG_4058guitar instrument IMG_4063guitar instrument IMG_4059guitar instrument

Lot 117: 2009 Schecter Diamond series guitar, model C1, Duncan Design pickups, mother of pearl in fretwork, grover tuners, s/n #0303277, all original, very good condition with strap, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4064guitar instrument IMG_4066guitar instrument  IMG_4067guitar instrument IMG_4068guitar instrument IMG_4065guitar instrument

Lot 118: 1998 Ampeg Dan Armstrong guitar with interchangeable pickups to change the sound, grover tune ups, original, condition very good with strap, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4069guitar instrument IMG_4070guitar instrument  IMG_4072guitar instrument IMG_4074guitar instrument IMG_4073guitar instrument IMG_4071guitar instrument

Lot 119: 1960 Teisco, VERY RARE guitar, made in Japan, with whammy bar, all original, in good shape with original pick ups, with light scratches, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4076guitar instrument IMG_4077guitar instrument IMG_4107guitar instrument IMG_4109guitar instrument IMG_4110guitar instrument IMG_4111guitar instrument

Lot 120: 1980's Dean guitar with active pickups and strap in the neon pink with the odd painted fluorescent pink fret board, s/n YAFK6608 (hair band guitar) made in china, all original, in condition good, Est: $300 – $600









IMG_4113guitar instrument IMG_4114guitar instrument IMG_4115guitar instrument IMG_4116guitar instrument IMG_4118guitar instrument IMG_4119guitar instrument IMG_4120guitar instrument IMG_4122guitar instrument IMG_4121guitar instrument

Lot 113: Late 90's Applause by Ovation Super Shallow, Cutaway, A/E in the black, round back guitar, made in Korea, has addition plate to reduce sliding, model number AE700-5SA acoustic guitar, a Kaman Music Product, original, good condition, believe s/n 9005177 with original box, some paperwork and strap, Est: $500 – $800









IMG_4123guitar instrument IMG_4124guitar instrument IMG_4125guitar instrument IMG_4126guitar instrument IMG_4127guitar instrument

Lot 121: 1980 Jay Turser SG style Bigsby Brushed Aluminum, hardwood, in seafoam green/blue color, with strap, slight small chips, with hard shell case, in good condition, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4128guitar instrument IMG_4129guitar instrument IMG_4130guitar instrument IMG_4132guitar instrument IMG_4137guitar instrument IMG_4138guitar instrument

Lot 122: 2007 Epiphone Studio Les Paul guitar, in the Chameleon Copper color, Limited Edition Custom Shop, RARE grover tuners, set neck, with rosewood fret board, and strap, s/n EE070309048, excellent shape, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4140guitar instrument IMG_4139guitar instrument IMG_4141guitar instrument IMG_4142guitar instrument IMG_4146guitar instrument IMG_4143guitar instrument IMG_4144guitar instrument IMG_4145guitar instrument

Lot 123: 2007 Epiphone Studio Les Paul guitar in the Chameleon Green color, Custom Shop Limited Edition, RARE grover tuners, set neck, with rosewood fret board and strap, s/n EE070502203, with hard shell case, excellent shape, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4147guitar instrument IMG_4148guitar instrument IMG_4152guitar instrument IMG_4153guitar instrument IMG_4155guitar instrument

Lot 124: Yamaha guitar model AES820, year unknown, in the bronze finish, RARE spergel tuners, s/n #Q1x029145, model AES820, bolt on neck with strap and original pick ups, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4156guitar instrument IMG_4157guitar instrument IMG_4161guitar instrument IMG_4158guitar instrument IMG_4159guitar instrument IMG_4160guitar instrument IMG_4163guitar instrument

Lot 125: 2011 Les Paul Epiphone Limited Edition Studio Custom Shop guitar, in the white color, still has plastic on pick guard, s/n #311496785, 2nd grover tuners and strap, excellent shape, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4165guitar instrument IMG_4164guitar instrument IMG_4166guitar instrument  IMG_4168guitar instrument  IMG_4170guitar instrument  IMG_4169guitar instrument IMG_4171guitar instrument

Lot 126: 2005 Epiphone Les Paul Classic Birds Eye Maple guitar, grover tuners, original, with strap set through neck with original hard shell case s/n # EE05012138, excellent condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4173guitar instrument IMG_4172guitar instrument IMG_4174guitar instrument IMG_4175guitar instrument IMG_4176guitar instrument IMG_4178guitar instrument IMG_4180guitar instrument IMG_4181guitar instrument

Lot 127: 2002 RARE Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop guitar, Gibson, made in Korea, Sparkle Pink, made by Gibson, limited edition, set through neck with matching strap, s/n U 7021121, has chip, with hard shell SKB case, case key, all original, fair condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4183guitar instrument IMG_4182guitar instrument IMG_4184guitar instrument IMG_4185guitar instrument  IMG_4186guitar instrument IMG_4189guitar instrument IMG_4188guitar instrument IMG_4191guitar instrument

Lot 128: 1999 Epiphone SG, Very RARE Les Paul Custom with triple pickups, gold hardware, set neck, with original hard shell case s/n # 199040165, creamy yellow no belt rash no pick up scratches, match strap, made in Korea, with strap and hard shell case, excellent condition, Est: $800 – $1,200









IMG_4192guitar instrument IMG_4193guitar instrument IMG_4196guitar instrument IMG_4194guitar instrument IMG_4195guitar instrument IMG_4197guitar instrument

Lot 129: 1981 US Fender Lead III Olympic, white color, with coil tap, whammy bar, Stratocaster style, and strap, considered a player, all original with chips, s/n E102313, fair condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4198guitar instrument IMG_4203guitar instrument IMG_4204guitar instrument IMG_4205guitar instrument IMG_4209guitar instrument IMG_4206guitar instrument IMG_4207guitar instrument IMG_4208guitar instrument IMG_4210guitar instrument IMG_4212guitar instrument IMG_4199guitar instrument IMG_4200guitar instrument IMG_4201guitar instrument IMG_4202guitar instrument

Lot 130: 1997? NEW Fender Jag Stang Kurt Cobain Sonic Blue Color guitar, Never Been Played, All the Case Candy, in Aluminum Display carrying case, all original, with paperwork, crafted in Japan, s/n A005079 excellent condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000









IMG_4215guitar instrument IMG_4213guitar instrument IMG_4216guitar instrument IMG_4217guitar instrument IMG_4218guitar instrument IMG_4219guitar instrument IMG_4222guitar instrument IMG_4223guitar instrument IMG_4214guitar instrument

Lot 133: 2004 Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom, guitar with grover tuners, EMGHZ fully active pickups, Zack Wyld Bulls Eye paint, gold hardware, s/n 10041515591, with strap, hard Play One case excellent shape, Est: $800 – $1,200









IMG_4226guitar instrument IMG_4224guitar instrument IMG_4227guitar instrument IMG_4229guitar instrument IMG_4232guitar instrument IMG_4230guitar instrument IMG_4231guitar instrument IMG_4225guitar instrument

Lot 134: 2002 Epiphone Zakk Wylde Les Paul Custom guitar, Limited Edition, EMGHZ pick ups, Buzz Saw paint with strap s/n 10021508115, grover tuners, with hard SKB case, all original excellent shape, Est: $800 – $1,200









IMG_4237guitar instrument IMG_4234guitar instrument IMG_4238guitar instrument IMG_4239guitar instrument IMG_4240guitar instrument IMG_4241guitar instrument IMG_4242guitar instrument IMG_4236guitar instrument IMG_4235guitar instrument

Lot 135: 2001? Epiphone Les Paul Custom guitar, Peter Frampton style, set neck, with grover tuners, neck repair, plays well, black and gold, s/n EE080107170 with hard SKB case, case key and strap, in fair condition, some pick scratches, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4245guitar instrument IMG_4243guitar instrument IMG_4246guitar instrument IMG_4248guitar instrument IMG_4249guitar instrument IMG_4250guitar instrument IMG_4251guitar instrument IMG_4244guitar instrument

Lot 136: 2002? Jay Jay French Les Paul Standard guitar, Jay Jay French Copy from Twisted Sister, set neck, twisted sister strap, purple burst s/n 311502970 grover tuners, hard Epiphone case, condition excellent, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4252guitar instrument IMG_4253guitar instrument IMG_4254guitar instrument IMG_4255guitar instrument IMG_4256guitar instrument IMG_4257guitar instrument

Lot 137: 2000? Jackson Performer guitar, Randi Rhoads Style, has chip on corner, rosewood fret, Floyd Rose, good condition, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4258guitar instrument IMG_4259guitar instrument IMG_4265guitar instrument IMG_4261guitar instrument IMG_4262guitar instrument IMG_4263guitar instrument IMG_4264guitar instrument IMG_4266guitar instrument

Lot 138: 2015? Epiphone Explorer Body guitar, set neck, gold hardware, ebonized mahogany, s/n 311514250, excellent shape, all original, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4327guitar instrument IMG_4328guitar instrument IMG_4331guitar instrument IMG_4329guitar instrument IMG_4330guitar instrument IMG_4333guitar instrument IMG_4334guitar instrument

Lot 139: 1980's Takamine GX-100 Blue Burst Explorer Style guitar, set neck, hard tail, very good condition with slight nicks for it's age (Rare — Hard to Find), Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4335guitar instrument IMG_4337guitar instrument IMG_4340guitar instrument IMG_4341guitar instrument IMG_4342guitar instrument IMG_4343guitar instrument IMG_4344guitar instrument IMG_4346guitar instrument IMG_4348guitar instrument IMG_4336guitar instrument IMG_4347guitar instrument

Lot 140: 1980's Takamine GX-100T Red Burst Explorer Style guitar, set neck, hard tail, very good condition all original with strap (Rare — Hard to Find) with hard shell case, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4349guitar instrument IMG_4351guitar instrument IMG_4359guitar instrument IMG_4353guitar instrument IMG_4354guitar instrument IMG_4356guitar instrument IMG_4357guitar instrument IMG_4358guitar instrument IMG_4360guitar instrument IMG_4361guitar instrument  IMG_4350guitar instrument

IMG_4352guitar instrument

Lot 141: 2016? Fender Stratocaster made in the USA, 60th Anniversary Issue, guitar in the frost blue, single single single pickups, s/n Z6164868 (badge is on head stock), original, excellent condition, Est: $800 – $1,200









IMG_4362guitar instrument IMG_4364guitar instrument IMG_4369guitar instrument IMG_4366guitar instrument IMG_4365guitar instrument IMG_4368guitar instrument IMG_4371guitar instrument IMG_4373guitar instrument IMG_4363guitar instrument

Lot 142: 1998 Telecaster guitar in the odd color of purple/blue, made in Mexico, with strap, single and lipstick pickups, s/n MN9384022, with soft Fender case excellent condition, Est: $500 – $800









IMG_4375guitar instrument IMG_4374guitar instrument IMG_4379guitar instrument IMG_4376guitar instrument IMG_4377guitar instrument IMG_4378guitar instrument IMG_4380guitar instrument IMG_4381guitar instrument

Lot 143: 2007 Gibson Les Paul Studio guitar in the cherry burst color, set neck, with strap an Gibson USA soft gig bag, some buckle rash on back, finish on front is excellent, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4382guitar instrument IMG_4383guitar instrument IMG_4388guitar instrument IMG_4385guitar instrument IMG_4384guitar instrument IMG_4386guitar instrument IMG_4387guitar instrument

Lot 144: Carlo Robelli, year unknown, single F hole, tiger stripe maple in flaming finish, mother of pearl inlay, with Profile soft gig bag, good condition, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4389guitar instrument IMG_4391guitar instrument IMG_4395guitar instrument IMG_4393guitar instrument IMG_4392guitar instrument IMG_4394guitar instrument IMG_4396guitar instrument IMG_4397guitar instrument IMG_4398guitar instrument IMG_4390guitar instrument

Lot 145: 2001 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop Nuclear Extreme guitar in the crackle finish, with strap (nude woman), Korean made, s/n U01050299, with Kaces soft gig bag, very good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4440guitar instrument IMG_4438guitar instrument  IMG_4446guitar instrument IMG_4441guitar instrument IMG_4442guitar instrument IMG_4443guitar instrument IMG_4445guitar instrument IMG_4447guitar instrument IMG_4448guitar instrument IMG_4439guitar instrument

Lot 146: 1981 PEVEY model T60 guitar, tobacco sunburst color, s/n 01403778, with Fender multi pocket gig soft bag, with strap, all original, very good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4449guitar instrument IMG_4450guitar instrument IMG_4456guitar instrument IMG_4452guitar instrument IMG_4453guitar instrument IMG_4454guitar instrument IMG_4455guitar instrument

Lot 147: Year unknown Rogue Promo Size, cherry/orange burst style, all original, fair condition, Est: $200 – $400









IMG_4457guitar instrument IMG_4458guitar instrument IMG_4459guitar instrument IMG_4460guitar instrument IMG_4462guitar instrument IMG_4465guitar instrument IMG_4467guitar instrument IMG_4468guitar instrument IMG_4469guitar instrument

Lot 148: 2002 Gibson Les Paul Ace Frehley Copy Budokan guitar, triple pickups, all original, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlay of lighting bolts, solid body, made in USA, s/n 02005557? Origin unknown, condition excellent, Est: $600 – $1,200









IMG_4470guitar instrument IMG_4471guitar instrument IMG_4472guitar instrument IMG_4473guitar instrument

Lot 149: Guitar Style Clock with Neon Light with cord, Est: $50 – $100









IMG_4474guitar instrument IMG_4475guitar instrument IMG_4476guitar instrument IMG_4477guitar instrument IMG_4479guitar instrument IMG_4480guitar instrument IMG_4481guitar instrument IMG_4482guitar instrument

Lot 152: Primitive African Gourd Tribal Musical String Item good condition, Est: $100 – $400









IMG_4486guitar instrument IMG_4487guitar instrument

IMG_4488guitar instrument IMG_4489guitar instrument IMG_4490guitar instrument

Lot 153: Italian Junior Zither with Music in good condition with some songs, plays, Est: $50 – $150









IMG_4613 guitars IMG_4611 guitars IMG_4614 guitars

IMG_4612 guitars

Lot 131: Signed Les Paul Crescent Guitar with PSA Certification and Number in a Glass Front Aluminum Display Case, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4615 guitars IMG_4618 copy guitars IMG_4616 guitars IMG_4618 guitars IMG_4616 copy guitars IMG_4617 guitars

Lot 155: Galveston, year unknown, double F hole, rosewood fretboard, gold hardware, chrome plated bell brass engraved, mother of pearl head with inlaid two tone palm tree, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4619 guitars IMG_4622 guitars IMG_4623 guitars IMG_4620 guitars IMG_4621 guitars

Lot 156: 2001 Epiphone Les Paul Custom Shop birdseye maple in the blue, rosewood fretboard, s/n 101020702, some small, chips and belt wear, good condition with soft gig bag, Est: $500 – $700









IMG_4625 guitars IMG_4624 guitars IMG_4628 guitars IMG_4626 guitars IMG_4627 guitars

Lot 157: 1993 Fender Stratocaster, made in the US, Tobacco Sunburst, tortoise shell pick guard, maple neck, single single single pickup, s/n n3153649, with hard shell case, very good condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000









IMG_4635 guitars IMG_4634 -- 158 guitars IMG_4638 guitars IMG_4639 guitars IMG_4636 guitars IMG_4637 guitars

Lot 158: 1995 Fender Stratocaster, made in the US, Sea-foam Green (color only made for a couple of months), rosewood neck, with painted head stock, single single single pickup, s/n n553625, rosewood fretboard, with hard shell case, excellent condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000









IMG_4629 -- 159 guitars IMG_4632 guitars IMG_4631 guitars IMG_4633 guitars IMG_4630 guitars

Lot 159: 1997 Fender Stratocaster, made in the US, Pearloid pick guard, Rare Teal Green color, single single single pickups, s/n n7223646, maple fretboard, tail stock has been blocked, with soft gig bag, excellent condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000









IMG_4641 guitars IMG_4640 guitars IMG_4644 guitars IMG_4645 guitars IMG_4642 guitars IMG_4643 guitars

Lot 160: 2004 Fender Special Run, Stratocaster, Made in Mexico, Flip Flop Finish in the Green (made for couple of months), single single single, painted head stock, maple neck, s/n mz4103660, with hard case, perfect – excellent condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000









IMG_4647 guitars IMG_4646 guitars IMG_4650 guitars IMG_4651 guitars IMG_4648 guitars IMG_4649 guitars

Lot 161: 2010 Fender Special Run, Made in Mexico, Stratocastar, Limited Edition in the gold metallic s/n mx10151684, double single single pickups, maple neck, plastic still on pick guard, with soft gig bag, perfect – excellent condition, Est: $500 – $1,000









IMG_4653furniture collectibles IMG_4652furniture collectibles IMG_4656furniture collectibles IMG_4657furniture collectibles IMG_4654furniture collectibles IMG_4655furniture collectibles

Lot 162: 2005 Gibson Les Paul Custom Tabaco Sunburst, gold hardware, grover tuners, possibly a very good copy, s/n 02005559, with hard case, good condition, Est: $500 – $2,000









IMG_4659furniture collectibles IMG_4658furniture collectibles IMG_4662furniture collectibles IMG_4663furniture collectibles IMG_4660furniture collectibles IMG_4661furniture collectibles

Lot 163: 2006 Epiphone 1956 gold top color, reissue P90, grover tuners, s/n ee061216027 very good condition, Est: $400 – $800









IMG_4665furniture collectibles IMG_4664furniture collectibles IMG_4668furniture collectibles IMG_4669furniture collectibles IMG_4666furniture collectibles IMG_4667furniture collectibles

Lot 164: 2010 Epiphone Les Paul Slash Appetite for Destruction Tour, all the case candy, Natural Tiger Maple, s/n 10091516283, zebra pickups, excellent condition, Est: $1,000 – $3,000






IMG_4670furniture collectibles IMG_4671furniture collectibles IMG_4674furniture collectibles IMG_4675furniture collectibles

IMG_4672furniture collectibles IMG_4673furniture collectibles

Lot 165: 2002 Custom Shop, Les Paul Epiphone, Wine Birdseye Maple, chip in headstock, good condition s/n 101021726, Est: $400 – $800






IMG_4677furniture collectibles IMG_4676furniture collectibles IMG_4680furniture collectibles IMG_4681furniture collectibles IMG_4678furniture collectibles IMG_4679furniture collectibles

Lot 166: 2001 Epiphone Les Paul, Birdseye Orange, made in Korea, s/n u03112692, with soft gig bag, good condition, Est: $400 – $800






IMG_4682furniture collectibles IMG_4688furniture collectibles

IMG_4683furniture collectibles IMG_4684furniture collectibles IMG_4685furniture collectibles IMG_4686furniture collectibles IMG_4687furniture collectibles

Lot 167: 2004 Custom Shop signed Tony Iommi (guitar player from Black Sabbath) Epiphone SG Style Black color, mother of pearl cross inlays, grover tuners, rosewood fretboard, s/n u07040591, very good condition, with plastic still on the pickguard and back, Est: $500 – $1,000






IMG_4690 guitars IMG_4689 guitars IMG_4694 guitars IMG_4696 guitars IMG_4691 guitars IMG_4693 guitars IMG_4692 guitars

Lot 168: Paul Allender, autographed by Paul Allender, guitar player for Cradle of Filth, year unknown, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl flying bats inlay, purple burst, gold hardware, s/n 116157, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800






IMG_4698 guitars IMG_4701 guitars IMG_4702 guitars IMG_4700 guitars IMG_4699 guitars IMG_4697 guitars

Lot 169: 2006 Natural Wood Finish, Gibson SG, s/n 001760578, very good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






IMG_4704 guitars IMG_4707 guitars IMG_4708 guitars IMG_4706 guitars IMG_4705 guitars IMG_4703 guitars

Lot 170: Gibson Les Paul Studio Model, in the natural wood finish 2008, guitar with rosewood neck in good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






IMG_4710 guitars IMG_4709 guitars IMG_4714 guitars IMG_4715 guitars IMG_4713 guitars IMG_4711 guitars IMG_4712 guitars

Lot 171: 2009 Santana PRS, (#1 of #200 made) very odd color in the violet purple/pink with painted headstock, 1 p90 pickup, rosewood fretboard with mother of pearl inlay peace sign, with gig bag, s/n j18714, in very good condition, Est: $800 – $1,600






IMG_4717 guitars IMG_4720 guitars IMG_4721 guitars IMG_4719 guitars IMG_4718 guitars IMG_4716 guitars

Lot 172: 2003 Epiphone Les Paul in the Tiger Maple Green, Limited Edition, made in Korea, rosewood fretboard, with soft gig bag, s/n u98031831, very good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






IMG_4723 guitars IMG_4726 guitars IMG_4727 guitars IMG_4725 guitars IMG_4724 guitars IMG_4722 guitars

Lot 173: Airline Eastwood Copy, Tuxedo, year unknown, with white p90 pickups, 1950's reproduction – 'exceptional copy', s/n 0701152, very good condition, Est: $600 – $1,200






IMG_4729 guitars IMG_4732 guitars IMG_4733 guitars IMG_4731 guitars IMG_4730 guitars IMG_4734 guitars

Lot 174: 1988 Rickenbacker 620, red with black trim and painted headstock, black binding, R tail piece, all original, walnut fretboard, with molded original hard shell case, made in the USA, (no s/n) one tiny chip on headstock, very good condition, Est: $1,000 – $2,000


IMG_4736 guitars IMG_4739 guitars IMG_4740 guitars IMG_4738 guitars IMG_4737 guitars IMG_4735 guitars

Lot 175: BC Rich Exotic Classic 10 String Guitar, year unknown, ebony fretboard, zebrano pickups, mother of pearl cloud inlay, s/n 6410170, molded original hard shell case, immaculate shape, Est: $1,500 – $3,000






IMG_4742 guitars IMG_4741 guitars IMG_4745 guitars IMG_4747 guitars IMG_4743 guitars IMG_4744 guitars IMG_4746 guitars

Lot 176: Paul Reed Smith SE Custom, year unknown, autographed by Paul Reed Smith, single sound hole, tortoise shell pick guard, zebrano pickups, tiger maple body with cherry back, set neck, s/n 113394 with gig bag, in beautiful condition, Est: $400 – $800






IMG_4749 guitars IMG_4748 guitars IMG_4752 guitars IMG_4753 guitars IMG_4750 guitars IMG_4751 guitars

Lot 177: Switch, Vibracell, year unknown, vacuum formed guitar, made in China, screaming green color with painted head stock, maple fretboard, s/n 0773087, very good condition, Est: $400 – $800






IMG_4755 guitars IMG_4758 guitars IMG_4759 guitars IMG_4757 guitars IMG_4756 guitars IMG_4754 guitars

Lot 178: Dean Les Paul Style, year unknown, Spalted Top, Zebrano pickups, mother of pearl inlays, gold hardware, s/n us06060405 , excellent condition, Est: $500 – $800






179.1 179.2 179.3 179.4 179.5 179

Lot 179: Acrylic Flying V style K Tone, Steinberger Headless neck, with strap, double single single pickup, with gig bag, Est: $500 – $1,000







180.1 180.2 180.3 180.4 180.5 180

Lot 180: Jay Turser, SG Style Double Neck 6 string and 12 string, year unknown, in the wine color, with mother of pearl inlay, with its molded hard shell case, in good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






181.1 181.2 181.3 181.4 181.5 181.6 181

Lot 181: 1996 Carvin The Captain Custom Shop, double single single pickups, maple fretboard, color of black, with strap, s/n 67210, molded hard shell case, in good condition, Est: $1,000 – $3,000






182.1 182.3 182.4 182.5 182.6 182.7 182

Lot 182: 2005 Dillon (#8 of #8 made) DSG-CA Acrylic see through body with rare 'white' fitted coffin case, s/n A 05180, with strap, in good condition, Est: $1,000 – $3,000






183.1 183.2 183.3 183.4 183.5 183.6 183.7 183.8


Lot 183: 2011-2012 DBZ Bone Church Volero Style Body (#1 of #12 made), ebony fretboard, with original molded leather wrap case, real good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






184.1 184.2 184.3 184.5 184.6 184.8 184.9 184.10 184

Lot 184: 2010 DBZ Imperial 'Super Thin', gold hardware and ebony fretboard, molded hard shell case, with case key, s/n W10C0407, with strap, very good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






185.1 185.2 185.3 185.4 185

Lot 185: Ampeg Purple Burst, made in Japan, year known, s/n 0400080048, P-90 pickups, with strap, in good shape with some nicks, Est: $300 – $600






186.1 186.2 186.3 186.4 186.5 186.6 186

Lot 186: 1980 Jay Turser Warlord, purple burst, dimarzio pickups, shredder guitar, made in china, gold hardware, with molded hard shell case, in good condition, Est: $400 – $800






187.1 187.2 187.3 187.4 187

Lot 187: Saint Blues in Memphis Tennessee, year unknown, maple light tiger eye finish, P-90 pickups, made in Korea, s/n S090410620, very good condition with match soft gig bag, Est: $500 – $1,000






188.1 188.2 188.3 188.4 188.5 188.6 188.7 188

Lot 188: 1997 Fender Jag Stang, designed by Kurt Cobain SP style, made in Japan, in the fiesta red, s/n U026837, double single pickups, with black fitted coffin case, with strap, in good condition, Est: $500 – $1,000






189.1 189.2 189.3 189.4 189.5 189.6 189.8 189

Lot 189: 2011 , 'Flood Guitar' Gibson Studio, Limited Edition, (#1 of #300 made) in the Green, with green strap, with original hard shell case, made in the USA, s/n 103810687, in good condition, Est: $1,000 – $3,000






190.1 190

Lot 190: Def Leppard Electric Guitar, Limited Edition, Signature Series Union Jack, in original box unopened (never been out of the box), Est: $300 – $600






191.1 191.2 191.3 191.4 191

Lot 191: Main Street Stratoscastar Style Union Jack, single single single pickups, with strap, good condition, Est: $200 – $500






192.1 192.2 192.3 192.4 192.5 192.6 192.7 192

Lot 192: 1998 Les Paul Smartwood in the natural finish, gold hardware, with the case candy, and certificate of authenticity, soft shell gig bag, in good shape, Est: $700 – $1,500






193.1 193.2 193.3 193.4 193.5 193

Lot 193: Washburn Dobro, year unknown, in the black, with pickup, single f hole, hard soft side gig bag, some buckle wear, good condition, Est: $400 – $800






194.1 194.2 194.3 194.4 194.5 194.6 194

Lot 194: Eastwood in the tangerine top finish, gold hardware, Bigsby whammy bar, p-90 and humburcker pickups, with strap, with hard side bag in good condition with some buckle rash, Est: $500 – $1,000






195.1 195.2 195.3 195.4 195.5 195

Lot 195: 1996 Epiphone Viola Style Paul McCartney cherry sunburst, made in Korea, s/n U6090580, in very good shape, Est: $400 – $800






196.1 196.2 196.3 196.4 196

Lot 196: 2001 Epiphone Nuclear Extreme Crackle Finish, Custom Shop Limited Edition, made in Korea, shark inlays, s/n 0106568, in good condition, Est: $400 – $800








197.1 197.2 197.3 197.4 197

Lot 197: 2004 Epiphone Les Paul Tiger Eye Maple in the blue with seymour duncan pickups, in fair condition, it’s a player, Est: $300 – $600







198.1 198.2 198.3 198.4 198

Lot 198: 1996 Gibson SG, with strap, there is a gouge in the neck, Est: $200 – $400







199.1 199.2 199.3 199.4 199

Lot 199: RARE Alverez Dana Scoop, made in Korea, in the red, s/n 920151 in good condition, Est: $800 – $1,500







200.1 200.2 200.3 200.4 200.6 200.7 200

Lot 200: 1996 Yamaha SVG500, Dimarzio pickups, in the burgundy color, double cutaway, considered a player with hard shell case in fair condition, Est: $300 – $600







201.1 201.2 201.3 201.4 201.5 201.6 201

Lot 201: Gibson Les Paul Supreme Copy, 2000, upgraded 500k pots, gold hardware, in the tiger maple case, very good shape with strap in with hard shell case, estimate $300-$500


202.1 202.2 202.3 202.4 202.5 202

Lot 202: 1996 Washburn Delta King Oscar Schmidt BB King Lucille Copy, 57 Gibson pickups, double f hole, in the black, s/n S103990823, in very good condition with soft gig bag, auction estimate $300-$600


203.1 203.2 203.3 203.4 203

Lot 203: 2011 Fender FSR Telecaster in the Odd Color of Antigua, made in Mexico, Special Edition, MX12101304, in very good condition and soft gig bag, estimate $500-$1000


204.1 204.2 204.3 204.4 204.5 204.6 204

Lot 204: Charvel Jackson Sharks Teeth Inlay, year unknown, active pickups, solid body, in the red color, s/n C603417, with strap, in good condition, estimate $500-$800


205.1 205.2 205.3 205.4 205.5 205.6 205.7 205

Lot 205: Rogue Guitar Sitar, year unknown, Rare, black and red crackle finish, very good condition, black coffin case , estimate $500-$1000


206.1 206.2 206.3 206.4 206.5 206.6 206.7 206

Lot 206: Psychobilly Billy, true full hollow body, 2004 Dean Cabbie, bigsby whammy bar, double 4 hole, with strap, very good condition, Gator hard shell case , estimate $500-$1000


207.1 207.2 207.3 207.4 207.5 207.6 207.7 207

Lot 207: Ibanez 2010 Roadster, full hollow body, bigsby style whammy bar, very good condition, metallic green with white stripe, s/n N427, double f holes, with soft gig bag, estimate $500-$1000


208.1 208.2 208.3 208.4 208.5 208.6 208.7 208

Lot 208: Lyon by Washburn Stratocaster style, autographed by Brian Bell from Weezer, black and silver burst fender style, s/n 5376 of 6000, estimate $300-$600


209.1 209.2 209.3 209.4 209.5 209

Lot 209: Epiphone Special SG style, never played, plastic on pickups, signed by Adam Lambert sings for Queen, brand new, s/n 0909101919, excellent condition with hard case and case key, estimate $400-$600


210.1 210.2 210.3 210.4 210

Lot 210: Schecter Diamond Series Flame with green flames, year unknown, made in Korea, s/n 0211427, good shape, with soft gig bag, with strap, estimate $300-$600



211.1 211.2 211.3 211.4 211.5 211.6 211

Lot 211: 1990's Dana Scoop, Alvarez, graphite neck, Very Rare, Dimarzio pickups and also with original pickups that came with it are in the hard shell case, s/n 055761, with modulus graphite patented neck, good condition, estimate $1000-$2000



212.1 212.2 212.3 212.4 212

Lot 212: 1996 Gibson Epiphone tiger maple, Joe Perry style from Aerosmith inlay, Custom Shop Limited Edition, made in Korea, s/n U97061392, with strap, good condition, estimate $400-$800



213.1 213.2 213.3 213.4 213.5 213

Lot 213: Dean Dime Zebra pickups, painted and tribute to Dime Bag Darrell, s/n 06050119, very good condition, with fitted hard shell case, estimate $400-$800



214.1 214.2 214.3 214.4 214.5 214

Lot 214: Dean MXL Explorer Style in the metallic blue, s/n 07030279, very good condition, (a broken string), with fitted hard shell case, Estimate $400-$80


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