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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including Antiques, Vintage, Designer and Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Rugs, Military, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tools, Yard, Garden Items and Much Much More!!


Sunday – November 18, 2018

Doors open 8:00 am – Auction starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday 8:30-3:00 pm

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Updated:  Friday, 11-16-18 at 3:26 p.m.


 Over 4000 items to be auctioned in ONE day.




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Inside Furniture

starts at approximately 12:00 p.m.

1aIMG_0552_ SJA 1bIMG_0554_ SJA 1cIMG_0551_ SJA 1dIMG_0556_ SJA 1eIMG_0553_ SJA 1fIMG_0555_ SJA IMG_0557_ SJA IMG_0558_ SJA IMG_0559_ SJA IMG_0561_ SJA IMG_0562_ SJA IMG_0563_ SJA IMG_0566_ SJA IMG_0567_ SJA IMG_0568_ SJA IMG_0569_ SJA IMG_0572_ SJA IMG_0573_ SJA IMG_0574_ SJA IMG_0575_ SJA IMG_0576_ SJA IMG_0577a_ SJA IMG_0577b_ SJA IMG_0578_ SJA IMG_0579_ SJA IMG_0580_ SJA IMG_0581_ SJA IMG_0582_ SJA IMG_0583_ SJA IMG_0584_ SJA IMG_0586_ SJA IMG_0589_ SJA IMG_0590_ SJA IMG_0591_ SJA IMG_0592_ SJA IMG_0593_ SJA IMG_0594_ SJA IMG_0595_ SJA IMG_0596_ SJA IMG_0597_ SJA IMG_0598_ SJA IMG_0599_ SJA IMG_0600_ SJA IMG_0601_ SJA IMG_0602_ SJA IMG_0603_ SJA IMG_0604_ SJA IMG_0605_ SJA IMG_0610_ SJA IMG_0611_ SJA IMG_0612_ SJA IMG_0613_ SJA IMG_0615_ SJA IMG_0616_ SJA IMG_0617_ SJA IMG_0618_ SJA IMG_0619_ SJA IMG_0620_ SJA IMG_0621_ SJA IMG_0622_ SJA IMG_0624_ SJA IMG_0625_ SJA IMG_0626_ SJA IMG_0627_ SJA IMG_0628_ SJA IMG_0629_ SJA IMG_0630_ SJA IMG_0631_ SJA IMG_0632_ SJA IMG_0634_ SJA IMG_0637_ SJA IMG_0639_ SJA IMG_0640_ SJA

Inside Furniture. Starts at approximately 12:00 p.m.

located inside – follows the dock section

walk through video Sideline Section click here

walk through video more Sideline Section click here

walk through video Inside Furniture Section click here

Inside furniture is stacked and packed with every item you would need in a home from antique, vintage, period, modern, like new and barely used. Favorite woods like flaming mahogany, mahogany, oak & quartersawn oak, cherry, walnut, maple & birdseye maple, pine, cedar and more. All types and sizes of dining room sets, bedroom sets, living room sets, chinas, cabinets, closets, cupboards, secretaries, bookcases, curios, desks, console & mirrors, étagère, credenzas, sideboards, servers, commodes, buffets, demilunes, jackson presses, bars, tables, stands, pedestals, beds, chests, wardrobes, washstands, blanket boxes, pianos, organs, statues and much much more! Approximately 4:00 we offer fine antiques, high quality bedrooms, dining rooms, decorator pieces, a variety of nice clean and rare items that you only see in books.





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starts at approximately 10:00 a.m.

IMG_0514_ SJA IMG_0516_ SJA IMG_0518_ SJA IMG_0519_ SJA IMG_0520_ SJA IMG_0521_ SJA IMG_0522_ SJA IMG_0523_ SJA IMG_0524_ SJA IMG_0525_ SJA IMG_0526_ SJA IMG_0527_ SJA IMG_0528_ SJA IMG_0529_ SJA IMG_0530_ SJA IMG_0532_ SJA IMG_0533_ SJA IMG_0535_ SJA IMG_0536_ SJA IMG_0537_ SJA IMG_0538_ SJA IMG_0539_ SJA IMG_0540_ SJA IMG_0541_ SJA IMG_0542_ SJA IMG_0543_ SJA IMG_0544_ SJA IMG_0545_ SJA IMG_0546_ SJA IMG_0547_ SJA


Starts at approximately 10:00 a.m.

located outside – follows the field section

walk through video DOCK Section click here

Loaded with original, rough, and painted furniture from antiques, vintage, to modern. Massive amounts of oak, walnut, mahogany, cherry, victorian, empire, country, french and upholstery. Assortment of dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom sets. An ABUNDANCE of decorator items and accessories !! A variety of miscellaneous merchandise. Watch what turns up !!





walk thru photos


starts at approximately 8:30 a.m.

IMG_0463_ SJA IMG_0464_ SJA IMG_0465_ SJA IMG_0466_ SJA IMG_0467_ SJA IMG_0468_ SJA IMG_0469_ SJA IMG_0470_ SJA IMG_0471_ SJA IMG_0472_ SJA IMG_0473_ SJA IMG_0474_ SJA IMG_0475_ SJA IMG_0476_ SJA IMG_0477_ SJA IMG_0478_ SJA IMG_0479_ SJA IMG_0480_ SJA IMG_0482_ SJA IMG_0483_ SJA IMG_0484_ SJA IMG_0485_ SJA IMG_0486_ SJA IMG_0488_ SJA IMG_0489_ SJA IMG_0490_ SJA IMG_0491_ SJA IMG_0492_ SJA IMG_0493_ SJA IMG_0494_ SJA IMG_0499_ SJA IMG_0500_ SJA IMG_0502_ SJA IMG_0503_ SJA IMG_0504_ SJA IMG_0506_ SJA IMG_0507_ SJA IMG_0510_ SJA IMG_0368_ SJA IMG_0369_ SJA IMG_0370_ SJA IMG_0371_ SJA IMG_0372_ SJA IMG_0374_ SJA IMG_0375_ SJA IMG_0376_ SJA IMG_0378_ SJA IMG_0380_ SJA IMG_0381_ SJA IMG_0382_ SJA IMG_0383_ SJA IMG_0384_ SJA IMG_0385_ SJA IMG_0387_ SJA IMG_0388_ SJA IMG_0389_ SJA IMG_0390_ SJA IMG_0392_ SJA IMG_0394_ SJA IMG_0395_ SJA IMG_0396_ SJA IMG_0400_ SJA IMG_0401_ SJA IMG_0402_ SJA IMG_0403_ SJA IMG_0405_ SJA IMG_0407_ SJA IMG_0408_ SJA IMG_0409_ SJA IMG_0412_ SJA IMG_0413_ SJA IMG_0414_ SJA IMG_0415_ SJA IMG_0416_ SJA IMG_0417_ SJA IMG_0418_ SJA IMG_0419_ SJA IMG_0422_ SJA IMG_0423_ SJA IMG_0424_ SJA IMG_0425_ SJA IMG_0426_ SJA IMG_0427_ SJA IMG_0428_ SJA IMG_0429_ SJA IMG_0430_ SJA IMG_0431_ SJA IMG_0432_ SJA IMG_0433_ SJA IMG_0434_ SJA IMG_0435_ SJA IMG_0436_ SJA IMG_0437_ SJA IMG_0438_ SJA IMG_0439_ SJA IMG_0440_ SJA IMG_0441_ SJA IMG_0442_ SJA IMG_0443_ SJA IMG_0444_ SJA IMG_0445_ SJA IMG_0446_ SJA IMG_0447_ SJA IMG_0448_ SJA IMG_0449_ SJA IMG_0451_ SJA IMG_0452_ SJA IMG_0453_ SJA IMG_0454_ SJA IMG_0456_ SJA IMG_0457_ SJA IMG_0458_ SJA IMG_0459_ SJA IMG_0460_ SJA IMG_0461_ SJA IMG_0462_ SJA


Located outside. Kicks off the auction at 8:30 a.m.

walk through video Field Box Lots Section click here

walk through video Field Furniture Section click here

Loaded with original, rough, and painted antiques; modern furniture; dining room, kitchen, living room and bedroom sets. Selection of out door patio sets, yard ornaments, benches, bird baths, planters, fountains, mowers, tools and much much more. ABUNDANCE of Decorator items and Accessories !! Modern glassware, dinner sets, pots & pans, pyrex, pottery, lamps, toys, all house-ware items. A variety of miscellaneous merchandise. Watch what turns up!


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