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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ Estates and Personal Property Auction including contents from The Historic Seabrook House, 1940’s Oldsmobile Vehicle, Period Antiques, Period Asian and Other Furniture, Vintage, Mid-Century, Modern, Designer, Contemporary, New & Brand Name Furniture, 16+carat Diamond & Platinum Bracelet & Other Estate Fine Jewelry, Nautical, Rugs & Carpets, Lighting, Coins, Artwork, Lawn & Garden, Tools, Collectibles & Smalls and much much more!



Sunday – May 19, 2019

Doors Open 8:00 am – Auction Starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday 8:30-3:00 pm

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Updated:  Friday, 05-17-19 at 11:00 a.m.

 15% Buyers Premium


zIMG_1821a auction

zIMG_1821b auction

zIMG_1833 auction zIMG_1834b copy auction zIMG_1834 auction

zIMG_1821c auction 

zIMG_1822a auction zIMG_1822b auction


Platinum and 16+ ctw Diamond Bracelet [graduates approximate  (2) 3/4ct center to 1/5ct ]

approximate clarity VS-SI2 | approximate color G-I

approximate weight: 24.5 dwt or 38.1 grams or 1.22 ozt

Auction Estimate $12,000 to $24,000




IMG_5416 auction

IMG_5418 auction  IMG_5417 auction  IMG_5419 auction

14 Karat White Gold 1.5 CTW Diamond Ring

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4931 auction IMG_4935 auction

14 Karat White Gold and Diamond Ladies Ring

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_5404 auction IMG_5409 auction

14 Karat Yellow Gold 1 CTW Diamond Ring

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_5411 auction  IMG_5414 auction  IMG_5412 auction

14 Karat Yellow Gold ½ CTW Diamond Ring

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4486 auction IMG_4487 auction IMG_4488 auction

MUSEUM QUALITY ANTIQUE Brass Telescope with Original Tri Pod and Providence Plaque

Auction Estimate $1000-$3000 – Located Inside




IMG_4319 auction   IMG_4319 copy auction

IMG_4321 auction   IMG_4320 auction   IMG_4322 auction

SOLID Marble Water Bury Lady Statue

Auction Estimate $400-$800 – Located Inside




IMG_4653 auction IMG_4654 auction IMG_4655 auction

Bronze Asian Vase

Auction Estimate $500-$1000 – Located Inside




IMG_4842 auction IMG_4841 auction IMG_4843 auction

BEAUTIFUL Almost Life Size 2 Tone Bronze Water Fountain

approximately 60" height x 20" base

Auction Estimate $1000-$3000 – Located Inside




IMG_4719 auction IMG_4718 auction

Bronze on Marble Signed Fredrick Remington “The Cowboy”

Auction Estimate $400-$800 – Located Inside



IMG_4650 auction IMG_4652 auction

Asian Bronze Warrior Statue

Auction Estimate $500-$1000 – Located Inside




IMG_4602 auction

Bronze on Marble

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside



IMG_4834 auction   IMG_4835 auction

ANTIQUE Bronze Statue

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4473 auction

Hand Carved SOLID Mahogany Religious Statue

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_2108 auction  IMG_2109 auction

IMG_2112 auction IMG_2110 auction IMG_2111 auction

IMG_2116 auction   IMG_2117 auction

IMG_2105 auction

IMG_2106 auction IMG_2107 auction

IMG_2113 auction

IMG_2114 auction IMG_2115 auction

IMG_2118 auction

IMG_2120 auction

Large Collection of Nautical Boats, Ships and other Some War Memorabilia

Auction Estimate $100-$700 – Located Inside




IMG_4549 auction IMG_4550 auction

SOLID Mahogany Hand Carved Cigar Box with Humidor, loaded with layers of Cigars and Cutter

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside



IMG_4551 auction IMG_4552 auction

SOLID Mahogany Hand Carved Gift Box with Cigars

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4567 auction

RARE Military Button Stamp Molds

Auction Estimate $400-$1000 – Located Inside




IMG_4225 auction IMG_4226 auction IMG_4227 auction

WWII m-1 Front Seam First Model Cover Helmet

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside



IMG_4595 auction IMG_4596 auction IMG_4597 auction

IMG_4598 auction IMG_4599 auction

IMG_4600 auction IMG_4601 auction

Selection of Military Helmets

Auction Estimate $100-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4231 auction IMG_4228 auction IMG_4230 auction

IMG_4229 auction

WWII 17th Airborne Jacket and Pants Reinforced

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4561 auction IMG_4562 auction

Asian Presentation Extended Ceremonial Extended Sword

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4311 auction    IMG_4313 auction

ANTIQUE Dovetailed Personal Procession Box with Interior

Auction Estimate $100-$300




IMG_4314 auction    IMG_4316 auction

IMG_4318 auction       IMG_4315 auction

SOLID Hardwood Asian Lift Top Box

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_2122 auction IMG_2123 auction

Asian Decorated Porcelain Lamp with Shade

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Locate Inside




IMG_3009 auction IMG_3008 auction IMG_3011 auction

IMG_3010 auction

Large Early Ornate Model of Reverse Mill Engine

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4220 auction   IMG_4221 auction

IMG_4222 auction IMG_4223 auction

IMG_4224 auction

VINTAGE Bakelite “Lester” Baby Grand Decorator Radio

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside






IMG_4019 auction   IMG_4026 auction

IMG_4025 auction IMG_4028 auction IMG_4029 auction IMG_4031 auction

Brand New Unused with Tag

Coach Pebble Crocodile & Snake Embossed Leather Hand Bag

Approximately 12 1/2" (L) x 9 1/4" (H) x 5 1/2" (W)

Auction Estimate $100-$300



IMG_4836 auction

Authentic – Brand New

“Coach” Crossgrain Glitter Travel Set

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4770 auction  IMG_4773 auction

IMG_4776 auction IMG_4775 auction IMG_4774 auction

 IMG_4777 auction


IMG_4779 auction   IMG_4780 auction IMG_4781 auction

IMG_4785a auction IMG_4784 auction IMG_4783 auction IMG_4785b auction

IMG_4786 auction IMG_4789 auction IMG_4788 auction

IMG_4793 auction IMG_4792 auction IMG_4791 auction

IMG_4795 auction IMG_4796 auction IMG_4801 auction

IMG_4797 auction IMG_4799 auction IMG_4800 auction IMG_4802 copy auction

Collection of Designer Sun Glasses some in Original Box with Paperwork including Tom Ford, Miu Miu, and Salvatore Ferragamo

Auction Estimate $20-$400 – Located Inside



IMG_4803 auction

IMG_4804 auction IMG_4805 auction

PAIR of “Swarovski” Crystal Hoop Earrings in Box

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside



IMG_4808 auction IMG_4807 auction

Bangle Bracelet Marked Chanel (style) Bracelet

Auction Estimate $10-$20 – Located Inside



IMG_4809 auction    IMG_4810 auction

Louis Vuitton Style Phone Case and Mirrored Sunglasses

Auction Estimate $10-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_3536 auction

IMG_3537 auction IMG_3538 auction IMG_3547 auction

IMG_3542 auction IMG_3543 auction IMG_3544 auction IMG_3546 auction

5 Piece Sterling Set with Silverplate Serving Tray

Located in Showcases – Auction Estimate $1000-$2000



IMG_4914 auction IMG_4919 auction

IMG_4915 auction IMG_4927 auction IMG_4927 copy auction

IMG_4928 auction

BEAUTIFUL 90 Piece Gorham Sterling “Melrose” Flatware Set – approximately 112 ounces

Auction Estimate $1000-$3000 – Located Inside




IMG_3512 auction IMG_3513 auction

Set of Wood Sterling Wrapped Coasters

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $20-$50




IMG_3523 auction

Sterling Base and Cap Oil with Handle and Stopper

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $20-$50




IMG_3514 auction

Sterling Base Glass Creamer and Sugar

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $20-$50




IMG_3515 auction IMG_3517 auction

IMG_3516 auction IMG_3516 copy 2 auction IMG_3516 copy auction

Sterling Base Sugar and Creamer

Sterling Monogram Cap $10-$30



IMG_3518 auction IMG_3520 auction

4 Piece Sterling Sweet Tea Spoons

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $30-$60




IMG_3522 auction

Sterling Handled Knives

Located Showcases – Auction Estimate $20-$40




IMG_4544 auction

Selection of Gorham Sterling and Silverplate Candelabrums

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4547 auction IMG_4545 auction

19TH Century Hand Blown Tri Liquor Sterling Top Bottle

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_4555 auction IMG_4556 auction

Set of 12 Marked Denmark 936 Napkin Holders

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside



IMG_4557 auction IMG_4560 auction

Sterling Silver Personal 6 Person Cigar Set with 6 Ashtrays and 6 Match Box Holders

Auction Estimate $200-$400 – Located Inside




IMG_4563 auction IMG_4564 auction

Selection of Sterling Silver Cups, Pill Box and Others

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_3524 auction IMG_3525 auction

IMG_3526 auction

Pewter Shaker

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $10-$20




IMG_3527 auction IMG_3528 auction

Stieff 'Sherry' Pewter Tag

Located Inside – Auction Estimate $10-$20




IMG_3529 auction

John F. Kennedy .50 Cent Pendant and Chain

Auction Estimate $10-$20 – Located Inside




IMG_4553 auction IMG_4554 auction

U.S. Navy Memorial Saluting Naval Veterans Commemorative Coin

Auction Estimate $20-$50 – Located Inside



IMG_4872 auction

1999 24 Karat Gold Plated (5) Quarters Set

Auction Estimate $10-$20 – Located Inside




IMG_4873 auction

Selection of U.S. Silver Morgan Dollars some AU & BU

Auction Estimate $20-$50 each – Located Inside




IMG_4874 auction

Selection of U.S. Silver Peace Dollars some AU & BU

Auction Estimate $20-$50 each – Located Inside




IMG_4875 auction IMG_4876 auction

1878-S Trade Silver Trade Dollar

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4877 auction

1994 United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set and United States Mint Uncirculated Coin Set with “D” and “P” Mint Marks

Auction Estimate $10-$20 – Located Inside




IMG_3531 auction

Silver Plate Carved Victorian Style Dresser Mirror

Auction Estimate $30-$60 – Located Inside




IMG_3533 auction IMG_3535 auction

Silver Plate Carved Victorian Style Serving Dish and Holder

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4105 auction IMG_4106 auction IMG_4104 auction

Asian Elephant Garden Stool

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4107 auction IMG_4108 auction IMG_4109 auction

Large Asian Blue and White Bowl

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_4110 auction IMG_4111 auction

Asian Blue and White Fish Bowl

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4120 auction    IMG_4112 auction

IMG_4114 auction IMG_4113 auction IMG_4115 auction

Large Asian Cloisonné Charger on Display

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside



IMG_4116 auction IMG_4117 auction

IMG_4118 auction

ANTIQUE Primitive Corn Planter

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4119 auction

Large Selection of Asian Vases and Jugs

Auction Estimate $20-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_4121 auction IMG_4122 auction

Large Asian Baby Figure in some form of composition

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4123 auction IMG_4124 auction IMG_4125 auction IMG_4126 auction

Large Asian Double Handle Bowl

Auction estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4127 auction IMG_4128 auction

IMG_4129 auction IMG_4130 auction IMG_4131 auction

Asian Covered Jar

Auction Estimate $100-4200 – Located Inside



IMG_4134 auction

Porcelain Pheasant Figurine

Auction Estimate $20-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4867 auction IMG_4868 auction

PAIR of Asian Blue and White Covered Jars with Matching Lids

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4869 auction

Asian Hand Blown Glass Vase

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside



IMG_4135 auction

Selection of Asian Leather, Wood, Wicker

Pots, Baskets, Buckets and Others

Auction Estimate $50-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4482 auction   IMG_4483 auction

Large Asian Bowl

Auction Estimate $200-$400 – Located Inside




IMG_4136 auction IMG_4137 auction IMG_4138 auction

Victorian Style Plaster Signed Bust

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside



IMG_4139 auction

IMG_4142 auction

Large VINTAGE Asian Flatware Set

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4143 auction IMG_4144 auction IMG_4145 auction

Large Asian Decorated Tea Set in the Original box

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4752 auction IMG_4754 auction

IMG_4752 copy auction

15 Piece “Sorelle” Porcelain Hand Crafted Decorated Tea Set in a Fitted Presentation Box

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside




IMG_4146 auction   IMG_4151 auction

IMG_4147 auction IMG_4148 auction IMG_4149 auction IMG_4150 auction

87 Piece Asian Decorated Dinnerware Set

Auction Estimate $200-$400 – Located Inside



IMG_4265 auction IMG_4267 auction

Hand Blown Art Glass Purse Style Vase Tagged 5th Avenue Crystal

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4268 auction

IMG_4269 auction IMG_4270 auction

Porcelain with Gold Overlay French Style Vase Marked Limoges PRG

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside



IMG_4271 auction IMG_4272 auction

IMG_4274 auction   IMG_4275 auction

Asian Vase Compote

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4277 auction         IMG_4276 auction

IMG_4278 auction IMG_4280 auction IMG_4279 auction

Asian Jade Compote with Stand and Original Box

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4470 auction IMG_4468 auction IMG_4469 auction

PAIR of ANTIQUE Carved and Ornate Portrait Mirrors in the French Style

Auction Estimate $300-$600 – Located Inside




IMG_4508 auction

Porcelain Cherub Carved Limoges Style Mirror

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside




IMG_4242 auction IMG_4243 auction

Decorator Mirror

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4301 auction    IMG_4302 auction

Selection of Mirrored Bronze Wall Sconces

Auction Estimate $20-$200 – Located Inside



IMG_4570 auction IMG_4571 auction

IMG_4573 auction IMG_4574 auction

IMG_4575 auction IMG_4576 auction

IMG_4583 auction IMG_4584 auction

IMG_4577 auction IMG_4578 auction

IMG_4589 auction IMG_4590 auction

IMG_4579 auction IMG_4581 auction

IMG_4582 auction IMG_4572 auction


IMG_4585 auction IMG_4586 auction

IMG_4587 auction IMG_4588 auction

IMG_4591 auction IMG_4592 auction IMG_4593 auction

IMG_4594 auction

Large Selection of Artwork including Wallace Nutting, Military, some signed and others

Auction Estimate $20-$400 – Located Inside



IMG_4896 auction

IMG_4897 auction IMG_4898 auction

ANTIQUE Needlepoint Sampler Dated 1836

Auction Estimate $100-$500 – Located Inside




IMG_4471 auction

SOLID Brass Decorative Pole Lamp

Auction Estimate $200-$400 – Located Inside



IMG_4568 auction


Auction Estimate $20-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4723 auction      IMG_4724 auction

ANTIQUE Galvanized Ice Cream Maker with all Attachments

Auction Estimate $100-$200 – Located Inside





IMG_4569 auction

ANTIQUE Primitive Yarn Winder

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4281 auction IMG_4282 auction

IMG_4283 auction

ANTIQUE National Cash Register

Auction Estimate $50-$100 – Located Inside




IMG_4284 auction    IMG_4285 auction

NICE VINTAGE Pepsi Cooler in Original Paint and with Original Insert

Auction Estimate $100-$300 – Located Inside



IMG_4739 auction IMG_4740 auction IMG_4741 auction

IMG_4742 auction IMG_4743 auction IMG_4744 auction

IMG_4745 auction IMG_4746 auction

IMG_4747 auction IMG_4748 auction

Large Selection of VINTAGE Tin Wind Up Toys some with Original Boxes

Auction Estimate $100-$300 each – Located Inside




IMG_4750 auction

Philadelphia Phillies Metal Sign

Auction Estimate $20-$50 – Located Inside



IMG_4831 auction

VINTAGE “Remington Rand” Typewriter

Auction Estimate $20-$60 – Located Inside





general walk through photos of the

the BOX LOTS and SHOWCASES – kicks off inside auction at 9:30am

IMG_5285 auction IMG_5286 auction IMG_5287 auction IMG_5288 auction IMG_5290 auction IMG_5291 auction IMG_5292 auction IMG_5293 auction IMG_5294 auction IMG_5295 auction IMG_5296 auction IMG_5297 auction IMG_5298 auction IMG_5299 auction IMG_5301 auction IMG_5302 auction IMG_5304 auction IMG_5305 auction IMG_5306 auction IMG_5308 auction IMG_5310 auction IMG_5311 auction IMG_5313 auction IMG_5314 auction IMG_5315 auction IMG_5316 auction IMG_5317 auction IMG_5318 auction IMG_5264 auction IMG_5265 auction IMG_5266 auction IMG_5267 auction IMG_5268 auction IMG_5269 auction IMG_5270 auction IMG_5271 auction IMG_5272 auction IMG_5273 auction IMG_5274 auction IMG_5275 auction IMG_5276 auction IMG_5277 auction IMG_5278 auction IMG_5280 auction IMG_5281 auction IMG_5282 auction IMG_5283 auction IMG_5181 auction IMG_5182 auction IMG_5183 auction IMG_5184 auction IMG_5185 auction IMG_5186 auction IMG_5187 auction IMG_5190 auction IMG_5191 auction IMG_5192 auction IMG_5193 auction IMG_5194 auction IMG_5195 auction IMG_5196 auction IMG_5197 auction IMG_5198 auction IMG_5200 auction IMG_5201 auction IMG_5202 auction IMG_5203 auction IMG_5204 auction IMG_5205 auction IMG_5206 auction IMG_5207 auction IMG_5208 auction IMG_5209 auction IMG_5210 auction IMG_5211 auction IMG_5212 auction IMG_5213 auction IMG_5214 auction IMG_5216 auction IMG_5217 auction IMG_5218 auction IMG_5219 auction IMG_5220 auction IMG_5221 auction IMG_5222 auction IMG_5223 auction IMG_5224 auction IMG_5225 auction IMG_5226 auction IMG_5227 auction IMG_5228 auction IMG_5229 auction IMG_5230 auction IMG_5231 auction IMG_5232 auction IMG_5233 auction IMG_5234 auction IMG_5235 auction IMG_5236 auction IMG_5237 auction IMG_5238 auction IMG_5239 auction IMG_5241 auction IMG_5242 auction IMG_5243 auction IMG_5244 auction IMG_5246 auction IMG_5247 auction IMG_5248 auction IMG_5249 auction IMG_5250 auction IMG_5251 auction IMG_5252 auction IMG_5253 auction IMG_5254 auction IMG_5255 auction IMG_5256 auction IMG_5257 auction IMG_5258 auction IMG_5259 auction IMG_5260 auction IMG_5261 auction IMG_5262 auction IMG_5263 auction

1000+ Items in Glassware Section: Shelf, Box & Singles – Starts 9:30 a.m.


Shelf Lots, Box Lots and Flats filled to the brim and single items of estate and vintage jewelry, gold, silver, gems, antique toys, trains and accessories, military items, monetary paper memorabilia, coins, porcelain, pottery, crystal, art glass, Lenox, Flo Blue, Steuben, Waterford, Murano, Carnival & Vaseline Glass, Fenton, Milk Glass, Occupied Japan, Franklin Mint, Roseville, Hummels, Goebels, special collections, miscellaneous glassware, art glass, cut glass, colored glass, crystal, stemware, prisms, platters, servers, china, dishes, dinnerware sets, flatware, epergnes, punch bowls and cup sets, vases, figures, pottery, porcelain, silver-plate, brass, tin, bronze, stones, marbles, jade, onyx, books, magazines, newspapers, paper memorabilia collectibles, records, jewelry, lamps, quilts, linens, furs, dolls, trains, cars, trucks, toys, clocks, phones, reproductions, prints, pictures, oil lamps, oil paintings, water colors, etchings, and much much more!


Just a start – keep checking back – updated daily ♥


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