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Over 4,000 Items Auctioned in 1 Day!

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40+ FANTASTIC ESTATES including Vehicles, Motorcycles, Antiques, Vintage, Designer and Decorative Arts, Mid Century Modern, Asian, Contemporary, Rugs, Military, Gold, Silver, Coins, Ephemera, Collectibles, Tools, Yard, Garden Items and Much Much More!!



Sunday – March 24th, 2019

Doors open 8:00 am – Auction starts 8:30 am

Preview: Saturday 8:30-3:00 pm

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Updated:  Friday, 03-22-19 at  5:20 p.m.

 15% Buyers Premium


IMG_9726 auction    IMG_9713 auction

Palace Size PAIR of Bronze Wrap Serves Style Hand Painted French Urns – auction estimate $500-$1000




IMG_9714 auction    IMG_9715 auction

IMG_9716 auction

AWESOME VINTAGE Art Nouveau Bronze and Marble Statue signed “D.M. Chiparus” – auction estimate $2000-$6000





IMG_9717 auction IMG_9718 auction

19th Century French Style Dore’ Bronze Clock with Key and Pendulum – auction estimate $2000-$4000




IMG_9719 auction IMG_9720 auction

Dore’ Bronze Statue – auction estimate $200-$500




IMG_9721 auction   IMG_9722 auction

3 Piece Bronze and Marble Clock Set – auction estimate $500-$1000





 IMG_9488 auction    IMG_9489 auction

(2) 2019 Golf Masters Tournament Admittance Tickets for Thursday, April 11th – auction estimate $1000-$3000

Masters Golf Tournament Tickets – Video




IMG_9224 auction IMG_9227 auction IMG_9231 auction

IMG_9228 auction IMG_9229 auction

 “Johnny Dang” 10 CTW Diamond Watch

with Black Leather Band – auction estimate $5000-$10000




IMG_9232 auction IMG_9233 auction IMG_9234 auction IMG_9235 auction

 “Geneve” 14 Karat Two Tone Gold

1 ½ CTW Ladies Diamond Watch – auction estimate $2000-$5000




IMG_9362 auction    IMG_9363 auction

“Movado Bold” Black Leather Band Watch – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9249 auction IMG_9253 auction IMG_9254 auction

14 Karat White Gold 1.11 CT Marquise Center

with Baguette Diamond Side – auction estimate $2000-$3000




IMG_9241 auction IMG_9243 auction IMG_9245 auction IMG_9246 auction

18 Karat White Gold “Levian”

1 CTW Diamond Ring – auction estimate $1000-$3000




IMG_9255 auction IMG_9256 auction IMG_9257 auction IMG_9258 auction IMG_9259 auction IMG_9260 auction

14 Karat Yellow Gold 2 CTWMarquise and Round Diamond Ring – auction estimate $1000-$3000




IMG_9311 auction IMG_9312 auction

14 Karat White Gold 3 Princess Cut 1 CTW Diamond Ring – auction estimate $1000-$2000




IMG_9318 auction IMG_9319 auction IMG_9320 auction

14 Karat White Gold ¾ CTW Diamond Ring – auction estimate $500-$1000




IMG_9321 auction IMG_9323 auction

14 Karat White Gold ½ CTW Diamond Fashion Ring – auction estimate $500-$1000




IMG_8991 auction IMG_8994 auction

STUNNING 14 Karat Yellow Gold Necklace with 1+ plus Carat Pear Shape

Diamond Solitaire Pendant on 14 Karat Gold Chain – auction estimate $1000-$2000




IMG_9327 auction

IMG_9328 auction

IMG_9327 copy auction

10 Karat Yellow Gold 1 CTW Diamond Tennis Bracelet – auction estimate $500-$1000



IMG_9330 auction IMG_9331 auction

14 Karat White Gold ¼ CTW Diamond Pendant and Necklace – auction estimate $300-$600



IMG_9332 auction IMG_9334 auction

14 Karat White Gold ¼ CTW Diamond Heart Pendant and Necklace – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_9100 auction IMG_9100 copy auction

IMG_9104 auction   IMG_9101 auction

FANCY 14 Karat Yellow Gold with 2.9 Carats of Baguette Diamonds and 3.81 Carat of Marquise Tanzanite Ladies Bracelet with Appraisal of $5500 – auction estimate $1000-$2000

14 Karat Yellow Gold Baguette Diamonds and Tanzanite Earrings – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9236 auction IMG_9236 copy auction IMG_9237 auction

14 Karat White Gold ¾ CTW Diamond Circle Bracelet – auction estimate $500-$1000




IMG_9105 auction IMG_9107 auction

— Nice Vintage Look —

14 Karat Yellow Gold Pearl Cocktail Ring – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9109 auction IMG_9111 auction

18 Karat Yellow Gold with Approximately 10 Carats Plus Blue Topaz Ring – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_9115 auction IMG_9116 auction

14 Karat Yellow Gold Approximately ½ Carat Emerald and Approximately ½ Carat of Diamonds Ring – auction estimate $200-$400




IMG_9356 auction IMG_9361 auction

10 Karat White Gold ½ CTW Round and Baguette Diamond Earrings – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9465 auction     IMG_9467 auction

IMG_9466 auction IMG_9469 auction

IMG_9471 auction IMG_9470 auction IMG_9472 auction IMG_9468 auction

6 Piece BEAUTIFUL Sterling Tea Set in a Classical Design with Silver Plate Under Tray – auction estimate $1000-$3000




IMG_7945 auction

IMG_7946 auction IMG_7948 auction

64 Piece Sterling Silver Flatware Set in Case by “Reed & Barton”

approximately 80.7 ounces – auction estimate $1000-$2000




IMG_7908 auction

IMG_7909 auction   IMG_7909 copy auction

Sterling Tray by “Poole” – auction estimate $100-$300

approximately 15.9 oz




IMG_9006 auction IMG_9010 auction

“Gorham” Sterling Silver 10” Vegetable Bowl – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9014 auction IMG_9014 copy auction IMG_9015 auction

“Whiting” Sterling Silver Filigree 10” Plate – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9017 auction IMG_9024 auction IMG_9024 copy auction

“Rogers” Sterling Silver 9” Footed Bowl – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_9041 auction IMG_9042 auction

“Gorham” Sterling Silver 10” Plate – auction estimate $100-$300




IMG_7906 auction

PAIR of Sterling 3 Arm Candelabras – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_9001 auction IMG_9002 auction

Sterling Silver Candle Holder – auction estimate $30-$60




IMG_9558 auction IMG_9559 auction

"Tiffany and Company" Sterling Silver Sugar and Creamer approximately 259.3 DWT – auction estimate $200-$300




IMG_7904 auction

PAIR of Sterling Candle Holders – auction estimate $40-$80




IMG_7905 auction

PAIR of Sterling Salt and Pepper Shakers – auction estimate $30-$50




IMG_9120 auction IMG_9121 auction IMG_9124 auction

Victorian Style Sterling Handle Serving Utensil – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_9125 auction IMG_9126 auction

Victorian Style Sterling Handle Serving Utensil – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_7920 auction

Sterling Knife and 2 Spoons – auction estimate $20-$40




IMG_9382 auction

Selection of Sterling Shot Glasses/Cordials – auction estimate $40-$80




IMG_9478 auction IMG_9479 auction

IMG_9428 auction IMG_9429 auction IMG_9431 auction

IMG_9426 auction    IMG_9427 auction

IMG_9464 auction IMG_9432 auction IMG_9430 auction

IMG_9430 copy auction

Large Selection of Sterling Silver – auction estimate $20-$200




IMG_8371 auction    IMG_8372 auction

PAIR of 19th Century Style Hand Painted Urns

attributed to Meissen – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_8323 auction  IMG_8324 auction

PAIR of 19th Century Signed “Jacob Petit” France Porcelain Cornucopia – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_8016 auction

IMG_8018 auction  IMG_8017 auction IMG_8019 auction

54 Piece Porcelain “Mozart Chantoog” Dinnerware Set by “Ch. Field

Haviland Limoges, Limoges France” artist signed – auction estimate $400-$800




IMG_0169 auction

Selection of Sterling and Cubic Zirconia Rings – auction estimate $20-$40




IMG_0171 auction

Marked 925 Silver and Cubic Zirconia Ladies Tennis Bracelet – auction estimate $20-$40




IMG_8999 auction IMG_8999 copy auction

“Farrah Fawcett” Sterling Cocktail Ring – auction estimate $20-$60




IMG_8998 auction

Tray Lot of Sterling Rings – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_8985 auction IMG_8989 auction

Religious Pendant – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_8780 auction   IMG_8786 auction

 IMG_8784 auction IMG_8782 auction IMG_8781 auction

IMG_8783 auction

HIGH END Turn Table by “Bang & Olufsen of Denmark” – auction estimate $300-$600




IMG_8788 auction IMG_8789 auction

Selection of Records – auction estimate $50-$200





IMG_9196 auction IMG_9197 auction

Cal Ripken Jr. Baltimore Orioles 24 Karat Gold Collectible Commemorative 3000 Hits Baseball Card – auction estimate $20-$100




IMG_9198 auction

2001 Commemorative Cover North Carolina Quarter March 19, 2001 – auction estimate $5-$10




IMG_9199 auction

Real World Money 30 Genuine World Coins with Complete Informational Guide Book – auction estimate $5-$10




IMG_9200 auction

Sheet of 7 Russia Coins – auction estimate $5-$10




IMG_9201 auction IMG_9202 auction

The Patriotic Coins of World War II – auction estimate $5-$10




IMG_9203 auction IMG_9204 auction

Ted Williams Commemorative Gold Stamp No. 323 and Official First Day of Issue – auction estimate $10-$30




IMG_9205 auction IMG_9206 auction

Nolan Ryan “The Express to Cooperstown” Commemorative Career Strikeout No. 312 of 5714 and Official Commemorative Issue Stamp – auction estimate $10-$30




IMG_9207 auction

United Kingdom 2005 Brilliant Uncirculated Coin Collection – auction estimate $10-$20




IMG_9208 auction

United Kingdom Pre-Decimal Coin Collection of Queen Elizabeth II – auction estimate $10-$20




IMG_9211 auction IMG_9212 auction

(2) World Reserve Monetary Exchange “United States 100 Years of the Nickel” with Certificate of Authenticity – auction estimate $20-$50 each




IMG_9213 auctionIMG_9214 auction

Tiger Wood 22 Karat Gold Cards (4) Book – auction estimate $20-$50




IMG_9215 auction IMG_9216 auction

“The Danbury Mint” Barry Bonds 23 Karat Gold Cards Book – auction estimate $20-$50




IMG_9217 auction IMG_9218 auction IMG_9221 auction IMG_9222 auction IMG_9223 auction

“The Danbury Mint” 22 Karat Gold Baseball Cards Book with 50 Baseball Cards Included – auction estimate $100-$200




IMG_9474 auction IMG_9475 auction IMG_9477 auction

IMG_9481 auction IMG_9482 auction

IMG_9480 auction

Large Assortment of Estate Jewelry – auction estimate $10-$30




IMG_9396 auction IMG_9398 auction IMG_9400 auction

IMG_9397 auction IMG_9399 auction IMG_9402 auction

Selection of Guitars – auction estimate $50-$200



IMG_9409 auction IMG_9410 auction IMG_9411 auction

Selection of Violins in Cases – auction estimate $50-$200




IMG_9395 auction

Selection of VINTAGE Hamm Radios – auction estimate $100-$500




IMG_9412 auction IMG_9413 auction

Selection of VINTAGE Fishing Rods and Reels – auction estimate $20-$200




IMG_9494 auction IMG_9495 auction

Selection of American Flyer and Lionel Trains – auction estimate $100-$300



IMG_9496 auction

Selection of VINTAGE Fishing Reel, Lures and More – auction estimate $100-$300



IMG_9497 auction IMG_9498 auction IMG_9499 auction IMG_9500 auction IMG_9501 auction

Large Collection of Sport Cards including Baseball, Football, Hockey and Basketball – auction estimate $10-$100 per box




IMG_9601 auction IMG_9602 auction IMG_9603 auction

IMG_9604 auction IMG_9605 auction IMG_9606 auction

IMG_9607 auction IMG_9608 auction IMG_9616 auction

IMG_9610 auction IMG_9613 auction IMG_9614 auction

IMG_9615 auction IMG_9615 copy auction

IMG_9617 auction IMG_9619 auction IMG_9620 auction

IMG_9622 auction IMG_9623 auction IMG_9625 auction

IMG_9626 auction IMG_9627 auction IMG_9628 auction

IMG_9629 auction IMG_9630 auction IMG_9631 auction

IMG_9632 auction IMG_9633 auction IMG_9634 auction

IMG_9635 auction   IMG_9636 auction

IMG_9637 auction IMG_9638 auction IMG_9641 auction

IMG_9642 auction     IMG_9643 auction

IMG_9644 auction IMG_9645 auction IMG_9646 auction

just things that caught my eye – these are not the walk thru photos




IMG_9483 auction   IMG_9485 auction IMG_9486 auction IMG_9487 auction

Large Assortment of Estate Clean Outs in ONE area auctoned in ONE day



walk thru Photos of 'Inside Glassware/Showcase' section

starts at 9:30 a.m. – kicks off the inside auction

IMG_9939 auction IMG_9940 auction IMG_9941 auction IMG_9942 auction   IMG_9906 auction IMG_9907 auction IMG_9908 auction IMG_9909 auction IMG_9910 auction IMG_9911 auction IMG_9912 auction IMG_9913 auction IMG_9914 auction IMG_9916 auction IMG_9917 auction IMG_9918 auction IMG_9919 auction IMG_9920 auction IMG_9921 auction IMG_9922 auction IMG_9923 auction IMG_9924 auction IMG_9925 auction IMG_9927 auction IMG_9929 auction IMG_9931 auction IMG_9932 auction IMG_9933 auction IMG_9934 auction IMG_9935 auction IMG_9936 auction IMG_9937 auction IMG_9938 auction IMG_9890 auction IMG_9891 auction IMG_9892 auction IMG_9893 auction IMG_9894 auction IMG_9895 auction IMG_9896 auction IMG_9897 auction IMG_9898 auction IMG_9899 auction IMG_9900 auction IMG_9901 auction IMG_9902 auction IMG_9903 auction IMG_9904 auction IMG_9905 auction IMG_9796 auction IMG_9803 auction IMG_9804 auction IMG_9805 auction IMG_9806 auction IMG_9807 auction IMG_9808 auction IMG_9809 auction IMG_9810 auction IMG_9811 auction IMG_9812 auction IMG_9813 auction IMG_9814 auction IMG_9815 auction IMG_9816 auction IMG_9817 auction IMG_9818 auction IMG_9819 auction IMG_9820 auction IMG_9821 auction IMG_9822 auction IMG_9823 auction IMG_9824 auction IMG_9825 auction IMG_9826 auction IMG_9827 auction IMG_9828 auction IMG_9829 auction IMG_9830 auction IMG_9831 auction IMG_9832 auction IMG_9833 auction IMG_9834 auction IMG_9835 auction IMG_9836 auction IMG_9837 auction IMG_9838 auction IMG_9839 auction IMG_9840 auction IMG_9841 auction IMG_9842 auction IMG_9843 auction IMG_9844 auction IMG_9845 auction IMG_9847 auction IMG_9848 auction IMG_9849 auction IMG_9850 auction IMG_9851 auction IMG_9852 auction IMG_9853 auction IMG_9854 auction IMG_9855 auction IMG_9856 auction IMG_9857 auction IMG_9858 auction IMG_9859 auction IMG_9860 auction IMG_9861 auction IMG_9862 auction IMG_9863 auction IMG_9864 auction IMG_9865 auction IMG_9866 auction IMG_9867 auction IMG_9868 auction IMG_9869 auction IMG_9870 auction IMG_9871 auction IMG_9872 auction IMG_9873 auction IMG_9874 auction IMG_9875 auction IMG_9876 auction IMG_9877 auction IMG_9878 auction IMG_9879 auction IMG_9880 auction IMG_9881 auction IMG_9882 auction IMG_9883 auction IMG_9884 auction IMG_9885 auction IMG_9886 auction IMG_9887 auction IMG_9888 auction IMG_9889 auction

1000+ Items in Glassware Section: Shelf, Box & Singles – Starts 9:30 a.m.

9:30am we start with table lots, shelf Lots, Box Lots and Flats filled to the brim and single items followed by the showcases to start at approximately 12:00pm, and the lamps/lighting at 1:30 pm.  You can find estate and vintage jewelry, gold, silver, gems, antique toys, trains and accessories, military items, monetary paper memorabilia, coins, porcelain, pottery, crystal, art glass, Lenox, Flo Blue, Steuben, Waterford, Murano, Carnival & Vaseline Glass, Fenton, Milk Glass, Occupied Japan, Franklin Mint, Roseville, Hummels, Goebels, special collections, miscellaneous glassware, art glass, cut glass, colored glass, crystal, stemware, prisms, platters, servers, china, dishes, dinnerware sets, flatware, epergnes, punch bowls and cup sets, vases, figures, pottery, porcelain, silver-plate, brass, tin, bronze, stones, marbles, jade, onyx, books, magazines, newspapers, paper memorabilia collectibles, records, jewelry, lamps, quilts, linens, furs, dolls, trains, cars, trucks, toys, clocks, phones, reproductions, prints, pictures, oil lamps, oil paintings, water colors, etchings, and much much more!


Just a start – keep checking back – updated daily ♥

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